LED/glowing microchip?

<<-- im not a doctor - probably not using the right term, again the Psychiatrist will know whats up.

You were either making a poor joke at the idea of lying to those with schizophrenia, so as to medicate them

Or actually believe psychiatry has working knowledge and understanding of implants

Both seem to be off the mark

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I read it as a little white lie to get the person to seek medical help.


I read it as a little white lie to get the person to seek medical help.

this’n - i am quite happily on antidepressants and chat quite regularly with my therapist. funny to see someone on this forum with… such… thin skin…
:smiley: but yeah, I’m out for the betterment of people and if drugs are what people need, then 100% I support and encourage it.

Yea, and lying to those with paranoid delusions, definitely won’t undermine trust in psychiatry, preventing further treatment that they obviously need

You tell the white lie to the person to get them into the psychiatric office

They ask about the drugs to dissolve microchips

The psychiatrist says there isn’t such a thing, they have schizophrenia

The paranoia kicks in, and now they think the drs are in on it, and everything is that much harder

There’s a difference between having thin skin, and not throwing fuel on a fire

Either tell them to seek help in a straightforward way, or crack jokes… but lying and sending them down a made up path is a dick move, even if you had good intentions

You’re new, so there was a strong possibility you were drinking your own koolaid



Gee you are a load off fun.
Have a nice life.

Have you got any photo’s of your UV Tattoos to share, There are a few people on here that would be interested to see them.

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Sorry took me a while, I created a topic in the project section about my implants and the UV tattoos.Didn’t want to D rail this thread anymore than it already has been. :slight_smile:

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EL wire lol that needs high voltage, if you see him bouncing around on the ground like he has been tazed somebody cut off the power.

Im not sure if this link was posted before, but someone researched subdermal tritium lighting implants too.

Amal sold an https://dngr.us/xglo for a while (a better firefly).
And hopefully he will again, some day.

yeah, i just saw it. But im not sure if i want to risk my life for a green dot on my skin if it breaks.

Don’t get one then. I still want one.

Yeah… no.

The last thing we need is Amal getting embroiled in some court case over the reckless sale of radioactive products - or worse, spending time in the slammer. We need him to make normal, safe implants!


What we need and what I personally want are very different things.
AFAIK the community decided against it, because of the reasons you stated and others.

But I still want (semi)permanent glow, like now, and I believe batteries are way worse currently.

Btw, funny how you say “normal implants”.

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Yes you’re right. Silly thing to say.

What I meant was “implants that are less likely to get Amal into trouble”.

“Regular” implants maybe?


You meant „implants that are a less dangerous thing?“ :skull_and_crossbones: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Something like that :slight_smile:

Re the company name, you can’t fault the man on honesty. In fact, I bet it would be a useful asset in court should it comes to that one day:

“But your Honor, surely the plaintiff should have known what to expect from a company called “Dangerous Things”!”

“Damn right! Case dismissed!”


I got one of the original xGLO when they were on sale, had no issues with mine so far (touch wood) and it’s actually much brighter than I expected once your eyes adjust to the dark!

if you wanted to share any photos, this is the place to do it

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