LED implant under a tattoo. Migration prevention, powering options and implant selection

Hey everyone, finally made an account instead of just lurking.

I’m designing a tattoo around a LED implant or multiple led implants.

The main concern I have is migration. Since I would be getting the tattoo before putting the implant/s in, migration could really ruin the project. I haven’t been able to find any good info on how much migration is to be expected and how things like the implant location might effect that. Since I am planning this around the implant I’m in a position to try and optimise the artwork for the error margins migration will introduce. I also have not found much info on minimising the migration other than an anti-migration coating like some pet microchips have but I have not seen any unless maybe @amal can make a custom one for me. Finally if it migrated could I just like push it back?

I’m curious how the xSIID compares to the xLED in terms of range and brightness. I don’t NEED (but I may aswell if there is no disadvantage) the NFC but the additional colours are nice (although potentially I could change the colour with tattoo ink :thinking: ). But I think brightness is probably the biggest factor for me.

I’m also looking into powering it. I’m fine with using a phone or reader to show it to people but I’d love to do better. Using my phone or any standard reader would likely cover a significant amount of the tattoo and it would limit me to one LED. I was hoping to build a coil into a bracelet or something that could power it without having to cover the tattoo or something similar but I don’t know enough about the sort of range I would be able to energize one of the implants from (I know you can buy 13.56MHz reader that apparently have a 45cm range) or what I should be researching to calculate it.

Any other insights or ideas are more than welcome.

Cheers :slight_smile:

I started reading your post, I sounds like a cool project, ( would love to see it when you are done) as I read, my immediate thought about your anti-migration issue ( Not the mexico :mexico: :gun: :us: USA sort ) was exactly the same as you thought

with an cap similar to this

Re: the different colour LEDS
So my thought about your options would be:-

  • xSIID(s) in the colour of your choosing, but more expensive than an xLED.but bonus, comes with huge storage
  • Wait for xLED to come out in new colours ( I am not sure if this is on Amals grand plan :man_shrugging:)
  • Get a custom colour xLED, but the cost would be the same or more likely more than just getting the xSIID

Something like this would be expensive :frowning: Proxmark )

You could cut out the centre, as above to make a frame.

Just some thoughts for you

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Thanks for your thoughts :grinning:

Will definitely post something when it’s done, or in progress, or both :slight_smile:

I definitely think the xSIID(s) are a better option because of that storage, the main factor is probably going to be what’s easiest to power (if there is a difference) and the brightness (although I imagine that depends on colour etc)

I actually have a PM3 RDV4 so getting the long range HF antenna would definitely be a decent approach for powering it (I had forgotten it was open in the middle) ideally I would rather something a bit more portable. I’m not afraid to learn how to make my own antenna I just am not sure what to research, I have found info on DIY antenna but not much on how the shape of the coil and power effect the field and what it takes to energize the LEDs in the implants.

I would ask @Satur9 and / or @TomHarkness (but haven’t seen him around for a while)
or maybe some others may have some insight or direction for you

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Yeah, I can help with that. I’ve been working with a team trying to build a bracelet that constantly outputs a HF signal for lighting LED implants purely for aesthetic reasons. Here is the thread I just started related to that. Feel free to ask me any questions you have.


I don’t want to derail, but file this away for a future project.

What if you could get a UV led in there, and then use tattoo pigments that are only visible in UV light. Instead of just glowing, you could have portions appear / disappear.

No such UV implant currently exists. You could contact Amal (bribe) , and ask nicely (bribe BIG).


It’s a great idea that I did consider at first, but my main concern was be what a UV source would do inside you.

The black light effect tends to come from light at about 365nm from memory making it UV-A light which is what is mainly blamed for skin cancer and other skin damage such as wrinkles, whilst an LED can’t be compared to the sun in terms of power I don’t know if it could ever be advisable to put one under my skin.