Legality of biohacking in canada

Usually it’s a form of piercing, some locations have rules about what materials a body piercer is limited to using etc or implements etc

It’s not really a “biohacking is legal/illegal” but they often will limit the piercing artist because they have to abide by rules in order to have a “license” from the gov


ok thanks but do you know if the pegleg is equaly considered

ok thanks for your reply its really helphing me :smiley: :

That’s probably one of the most extreme examples

Definitely not a piercing needle, that’s going to be a scalpel and sutures which may change what umbrella it technically falls under

Are you planning on getting a pegleg? Or just doing research for some project?


The legality issue starts with cloning. As usual it’s it depends. I’m not qualified to give legal advice, but an entity ‘could’ bitch about copying their data/key.

As far as implants go I would imagine its not possible to ban self-installs but piercers can be prevented from things that require scalpel or stitches to install.

Weird that you start your research with legality though, I leave that until the end, and even then its optional :grin:

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You should really do your own research but here is a 10 year old article about Canadian body modification. Article in the National Post

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I know in Kansas it’s illegal for piercers to implant a foreign object. No one I talked to would do it, went across the border to MO and it’s legal, but they aren’t allowed to use scalpels, so my installer just bought some needles she could use to make the incisions instead lol
I could see Canada being similar where it’s a more local issue. Maybe in one province the piercer can do it, the next one over might not.


I’m not sure of the legalities of microchipping but I live in Calgary Alberta Canada and in my city there is only 1 tattoo/piercing shop that I know of that does implants.
The 6 chips that I now have in my 2 hands were implanted by them.
Actually 3 of 6 chips (Xsiid, Xem and Xnt) were sourced directly from this place. The other 3 chips (NeXt, Xdf2 and Vivospark 2) I ordered from DT and had DT send the chips direct to the piercer’s who for a small fee did the implants.
In the 3 or so years that I have been chipped I haven’t run into any other people other than my piercer that also had chips implanted.
Also I have not had any problems with importing chips or accessories into Canada either. From placing my order to arriving to me in Calgary is usually about 14 days.


Well, I think we need to chat… NE calgary cyborg here. 13in and 3
More tomorrow.

When I order from DT it comes dhl within a couple of days. Once or twice it was actually overnight:)


I’m actually in the Temple area of NE Calgary.
And yes we will be talking more and maybe face to face on the new year too


Check if the guys in the Québec corner have any info - here. First implant xsiid

Usually you can do whatever you want with your body.

Heeeey !!! Its your body no ??? If some People can change gender i dont think that a small things like this Will mather !!! To be honnest for myself I’ve heard about biohacking in september… I’ve order 11 november… receive monday … call my friend who make tattoo take appointements for thursday … and install the same Day… we check online how to do it and thats it !!!


Some informative written and video reference materials in here

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just reasearch ( but i migth create one myself in the future)

its for a school project

Tell us about the project, we might be able to give you advice or insight into things you wouldn’t think to ask


It was a presentation on the biohacking (grinding) but i found what i needed)

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Thanks to everyone