Lf in next cloned but not working

I have the NeXT chip in my left hand, I was able to clone the key fob for my Hornady rapid safe using the Proxmark 3. The Proxmark 3 reads the chip in my hand and it has all the same information on it as the key fob however I can’t get my chip to work on the safe. I have pressed my hand on the fob reader from every angle and still nothing. To see if it was a feature on the safe that wouldn’t let it except a cloned chip I got a blank card that came with the Proxmark 3 and cloned the key fob and the cloned card works fine. I thought the chip may be too deep in my hand but the safe will read the key fob and the cloned card through 3 envelopes, and the fact the the Proxmark 3 can read it I don’t believe the chip is too deep. Does anyone have any suggestions or know of a safe that will work with it?

I’ve used a few different Hornady safes, and it is possible to get reads from most… but not all… at least not without some modification. Basically, what’s happening is that the safe is a battery powered device… and RFID readers consume a lot of power. So, battery powered RFID devices tend to use very low power fields and have a very low duty cycle (number of times it checks for tags per second). This is all in an effort to conserve energy.

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I have tried the keychain and it didn’t pick it up. I can get you the model number of the safe in a few hours when i get home.

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t might just be that the field power is too low to work without modifications. it should be possible to explore repositioning the antenna coil inside the safe for better performance.

… or there’s always the flexEM

I will take a look and see about adjusting the antenna tonight. And if not i will consider the flexEM. I would just worry about where I could pit one like that because I work construction and my hands and arms can take a beating sometimes.

Valid concern… arm will be more forgiving of course

Ill take a look at it if i cant modify the antenna, and see if i can get with an installer near me to see where on the arm it would be best

Normally my first question is, How long ago did you get the implant?
< 2 weeks, I would suggest you wait until then

There’s obviously a few models, but whilst we wait, check this mod out that may work for you

Hey sorry i wasn’t able to get this on here last night. Its the Hornady rapid safe 4800kp.

If pulling the antenna out like that work’s i have no problem doing that. I will definitely try that.

I actually got the implant back in December. It worked with everything else I have tried to set up.

I just googled that

I dont know the exact model, but I know there was a post Amal replied to sombody with a similar looking safe.
If I recall correctly, Amals worked and the other one didn’t (may have been newer) and he offered to swap…give me minute to find it for you

This is the one

Thank you for finding that for me. Im going to try and pull the antenna out and see if i can get it to work like that. If it does I guess I can try to find something on how to modify it and hopefully get it to work better. I really should have gotten on here a lot sooner

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