Lidocain Doses - am i right?

BlockquoteThe lowest possible dose should always be used and the maximum recommended single dose of 400 mg should not be exceeded. A maximum dose of 5 mg lidocaine applies per kilogram of body weight. The following dosage recommendations apply, for example, to adults with a body weight of around 70 kg:

 Intravenous regional anesthesia on the arm: 100–200 mg
 Intravenous regional anesthesia on the leg: 200 mg
 Nerve block: 20-200 mg
 Sacral anesthesia in obstetrics: 200–300 mg
 Lumbar analgesia: 250-400 mg.

Thats doses recomendations from the internet.

I dont really want an advise how much i should take.

rather i just wank to know if my maths are right

assumed 400 mg is too much (there is no way im gonna take 400mg lidocaine if my math is right xd )

I’m not a doctor and this isn’t medical advice but it seems to me that your math checks out. I won’t comment on what the toxicity level is but I think you have done your calculations correctly for the amount in each ampule.

@Devilclarke has went on about toxicity before. He may not be able to give you a go / no go but he probably has some good references on toxicity levels.

as always, the safest method is to consult a qualified professional


Right this is not medical advice!

1% means 10mg per 1mL
0.5% means 5mg per 1mL

So each ampoule contains 10mg of Lidocaine

Total dose of lidocain should never ever exceed 300mg or 4.5mg per kg.

So 50 ampules would definatly be an overdose as that would be 500mg.

EDIT: if you are installing a xseries implant and are going to use lidocain you shouldn’t need any more that 1 ampoule at absolute most. At the same time the needle to inject the lido will hurt about the same level as the implant its really no more painful that a normal needle.


Sorry if I missed it, where are you installing your xG3.
The reason I ask is because, that may also be a consideration to include in your calculation.

Where would you rank yourself on pain tolerance?
Less than average?
Higher than average?

Less than average, I would suggest continue with your plan with Pain Meds

Average, I would suggest you have your Pain meds prepped and ready, but give it a try without it.

Higher than average, I would suggest you don’t need to use any pain meds.

my image

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I ordered two xg3.

One from digiwell in germany and one from DT

The one from Digwell is gonna be here tomorrow or so.

Im really planning to install one in the Tip of my Ring finger - Ignoring all the voices who are saying its propably not a good idea.

If everything worked and is on the healing state im gonna put the second one in Position 0.

My Pain tollerance is Higher then average i think.

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Personally, I wouldn’t bother with any Pain Meds, Especially the Position 0 install.

Just be aware, the xG3 is 3mm and the other xSeries implants are closer to 2mm.

Just some more ideas for you to consider.

If you do decide to inject Lidocaine into your fingertip, also consider, the finger is quite small, so even a small amount of liquid injected into the fingertip is going to take up space, which may in turn make the install harder.

A topical PMK may be a better option for you or even just an oral OTC pain pill to “take the edge off”

Zoe ( @SurvivalMistakes ) has an ibuprofen install video on the YouTubes, Let me grab you a link to the thread and video…

Hmmm, The video is hiding from me ( For now ) UPDATE, Located and linked in post below

Another couple of videos for you

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OMG. “the how not to implant a magnet” is awful

i mean at first point the sterility - i mean common. that just dont looks sterile. lol.

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I found Zoe’s ibuprofen xG3 implant video

starts at around 8:30 in this video
Heres the link to that time, Prior to that is the NExT install


Oh there is also

I haven’t watched it, nor do I have a magnet so I cant comment as to its accuracy, but if the title is anything to go off, this is all you should need

YouTube video titles are never misleading are they???

Pet peeve:
“Blah blah blah, and you won’t believe what happened next…
“Blah blah blah, and and then this happened…

Guaranteed way to ensure I don’t watch that video… anyway, Derail over.

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I believe the needle for the XG3 is the same as the XLED, I can say they look intimidating and it’s obviously painful cause a thing is breaking your skin and being shoved into your body but nothing you can’t swear through and move on. The finger install will be significantly more painful than the 0 position so my advice would be if you have two of them coming in why not start with the 0 one and no lido to get a sense of how you fare with it and assess if you can do the more painful one without or best to use the lido on that one, Just my 0.02.



Its in my Finger. Just 5 min ago i did it.

I think it worked well. Cant tell right now.

Im gonna give updates plus Video later.


While building my own PMK I found a 100mg/mL (10%) Lidocaine ampoule. The ampoule has directions that state I should dilute it first. Is this step actually needed? Do higher concentrations of Lidocaine react differently?

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I am not a doctor, but this is my take on this.

If you are going to inject something that you risk overdose on at 4ml, you might want to dilute it first. It’s going to be much harder to hit 40ml than 4ml and if you can’t read the scale on your syringe exactly then ± 1ml is way too likely to happen. If you are aiming for a 100mg dose, 105mg is way closer than 150mg but both are only 0.5ml over the same target just at different concentrations.


Do you have Normal Saline to dilute it with? Or what did you plan to use?

Also, you need to use a filter needle when drawing up from glass ampoules unless you like injecting microscopic glass shards

Last time (only time) I have dealt with glass ampoules was with a radioactive sample (it was a liquid calibration sample)

Most of the injectables I deal with come in a glass bottle with a rubber stopper designed to have liquid drawn out through the rubber straight into the syringe.

I have had to deal with some 2 part dog vaccinations where you have a liquid vial and a powder vial, you draw the liquid into a syringe, then inject it into the powder vial and shake it up. Then you draw the vaccine up into the syringe again. I know that lidocaine is available as a powder, but I don’t know if multi-use dehydrated vials are available to reduce carrying weight and increase storage life.

My honest suggestion is to not do this. You will have no way to seriously dilute this solution without lab equipment and access to non-pyrolytic, sterile saline. You can’t buy this at any store I know of. Simply using sterile saline is not enough, because it could contain pyrogens and other terrible nasties. Also how are you going to mix it without introducing contamination? Simply exposing it to air is going to do that, and without any kind of preservative it’s going to likely act as a nice growth medium.

I have never in my life seen any kind of ampule that suggests dilution… and if one does exist, it’s probably a multidose vial not an ampule… and multidose has its own set of problems. The only way this could even remotely be safe is if you had a vial of non-pyrolytic saline aka medical injectable saline… and you would use an IV tube with an injector port to pull the saline into the syringe and then use that same needle and syringe to pull the lidocaine in at the required dosages… But even doing this is very strange as you typically don’t want to do that with a needle into multiple injector ports either in an IV or a multi dose file.

It’s all just very strange to me.


Put into words way better than I could have.


Hmm okay, I figure I’ll include some pictures as I don’t think I’m saying the correct medical terminology.

What I called ampoules are plastic, not glass. Also I would prefer not to dilute with anything if that is an option, that’s why I came here to ask if it was necessary. I’m using Google translate to read the box, so I could be wrong about the dilution-step all together.

Such a wealth of precaution - excellent advice that should be heeded of course. But somehow I can’t help but juxtapose this picture of us responsible, careful biohackers against junkies shooting up bic lighter-cooked stuff drawn from a dirty spoon into their veins. Hell, I even met a guy who used to shoot up corn whisky once. Somehow you wonder how the latter people manage to stay alive for so long.