My second implant - XG3 Biomagnet

Hey fellow Grinders,

After a few delays (due to the current global situation), Today I managed to have my second implant installed in the index finger of my left hand.

Unfortunately local anesthetic such as lidocaine isn’t really possible to get hold of over here in the UK without a prescription.

So I had to make do with gritted teeth and ibuprofen.

In the nature of honesty for anyone else considering this implant with no significant pain relief:

It was a VERY painful experience! - Although there was no crying or screaming on my part, it would be irresponsible for me to downplay the level of pain, that I experienced!

Here’s some photos of the infection site, Seven hours after it was implanted - Zoe x


I hope you mean INJECTION site

I also hope you heal well
Thanks for the share.
Looking forward to seeing you magnatise a needle :compass:

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This is the situation I’m in here in Ireland too, the only thing making me hold off for the moment besides the money.
The money I could swing at a later date though.

Indeed, unfortunately my dyslexia can’t be biohacked around… Stupid auto correct and my brain interpreting seen text incorrectly

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My friend who did the injection did suggest the dark web as a source, but I didn’t want to play around with that sort of thing

Use 5% lidocaine burn cream re apply every half hour and use tegaderm to keep it in (or clingfilm and ducktape) do this for 2hr minimum. the heat opens the pores and allows the anesthetic to get “deeper” a friend had a 50mm diameter 5mm thick silicone implant done that way he didnt feel a thing well until it wore off.


Well it’s been a few days since the implantation and the swelling has started to die down somewhat.

I’ve mostly forgotten about the implant other then a few accidental moments - where my finger tip will feel like it’s vibrating and then the tip go numb, whenever my finger comes into contact with my magnetic knife block in the kitchen or the steel gearstick in my car.

However as the swelling goes down and the feeling returns, I’ve spent the evening watching TV and playing with the same paperclip to discover the magnetic fields now eminating from my finger

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RIGHT…Now, can you magnetise that paperclip :magnet:+ :paperclip: = :compass:

I’ll let you know once I’ve found a suitable float to float it in water

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:syringe: + :magnet: + :paperclip: + :leaves: + :potable_water: = :compass:


I have to say, I appreciate your emoji use all over these forums @Pilgrimsmaster


I just emoji-ed all over the forum

There is a double whammy for you, an emoji.gif


It definitely takes some patience and practice -

It’s not at a level where I’d trust it without cross referencing with another compass

It definitely looks to have ‘potential’

Cool, thanks for the update
Is that a button compass embedded in an antler / horn?

Have you checked the accuracy of your button compass, I have personally found, not all compasses are created equally. ( I have a few )

I found this on the interwebs (Not my image; I wouldn’t test compasses that close to each other, but it does show my point)


Do you have a compass app on your phone or another “decent” compass to compare it to?

Pretty cool if your xG3 has worked well enough to magnetise

Just curious as to how difficult it was to use the syringe in such a small area. Did you self implant? How did you get low enough in the skin without hitting bone or too shallow for it to poke out? Did you just use a scalpel and implant? Sorry I know it’s a lot but this is something I’ve considered for awhile.

I actually filmed it for my YouTube Channel, I wasn’t looking during the implantation myself. Hopefully video footage will answer your questions

My new personal best is 3 paperclips, so estimate about 1 & 1/2 grams of lifting weight/strength in my finger

Okay awesome, what’s your channel name?

It’s in there profile :slight_smile:

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Thanks bud


as @leumas95 said
Survival Mistakes if you want the link