Lifestyle - Help!

It’s my first post here so hello DT community!
I am new to bioimplants and RFID / NFC.

I bought a lifestyle package and I have some questions:

  1. Can I try configure implant when it is in syringe for test?
  2. Does anyone have xG3 in finger? I would ask for a picture with this implant in finger.
  3. I will use xM1 in work - we still use Mifare 1k cards 3 in 1 (Access door / Access printer / Register work time). But my question is for what i can use Spark 2? I need inspirational examples :slight_smile:
  4. NExT chip can be used to unlock android phone / PC? Phone like:
  5. NExT or Spark 2 can unlock android phone / PC as one chip or is one chip = one function for example Spark 2 = PC / NExT = Android Phone?

Thank you in advance for your understanding my newbie questions.
I counting on your help dear community, best regards Xbitz (Poland)!

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I’ll try my best.

  1. You can give it a go but you’re likely not to have it work. Quite a few people here have tried and failed to get a reading in the metal needle. As long as you keep it covered and sterile, I don’t see the harm in trying anyways but don’t expect it to work.

  2. Check this out: xG3 Biomagnet -- suggested locations

  3. If you give the terms “spark #projects” a search you should find some. I don’t have one myself. You might find some on the vivokey forum also since it’s a spark.

  4. I can’t help with the android but for the easiest method of unlocking the pc something like the kbr1 would get you going. It simply acts as a keyboard and types out your ID from you NFC chip and presses enter.

  5. You can definitely double up on them. You could use your NExT to unlock your pc and phone. It’s spitting out it’s ID number. There’s no pairing like Bluetooth. You just need to set up each device to accept that number as a password and your good.


A bit OT but… You gotta wonder why this package is called “Lifestyle” :slight_smile: I mean Ultron, Cyborg, Magneto… Okay I get it: it’s techno futuristic superhero themed. But Lifestyle? It’s not like you’re going to find it in the suggestions section of Home & Country magazine.

 “Hello dear! What shall we do tomorrow? It’s going to be a lovely sunny weekend!”

 “Well honey, we could have a dash of picnic by the creek at lunch. Followed perhaps by a lovely walk through the park to the modern art museum in the afternoon? Then we could head back home, put a nice Kenny G. record on, have a glass of brandy by the fireplace, crack out the lidocaine and implant ourselves with those superlative implants we bought from Dangerous Things.”

Somehow the image doesn’t stick…


Thank You so much for answer:
1, 2, 4, 5
Still thinking on this spark if I don’t have idea how to use in my life I just won’t mount it.

It will be my lifestyle :smiley:
I am work in IT, magnet help me a lot with screws, xM1 allow me not to carry card 1k in my pocket, NExT unlock my PC in home (Crypted by Vera) and in Office too (I have full access to AD) Locutus said it can unlock phone and PC at same time and configuration in this way they will do my expectations.

Maybe Spark 2 can unlock APP’s on phone? Anyone know something about that?
In future I will convert the payment card so that I can always have the card with me.
Thank You for reply :slight_smile:

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