Local Bio coating?

Does anyone know of any other people who do custom conversions in other places?

Not sure if this is something I shouldn’t ask about but…
Or who don’t have a contract with fidesmo, and could convert one?

You could contact Cassox of Augmentation Limitless for PMMA, or Sven at IAmRobot for silicone. I suppose you could reach out to Steve Haworth, but they don’t really like tech implants. I can’t really think of anyone else off the top of my head. The only material I’ve seen that could be done DIY with any level of reliability is HDPE.


“Hey Amal, please convert this unidentified chip for me, also please do not try to find out what chip type it is, it’s a secret, these are the specs”


I like that a lot actually, however
Probably depends on verbiage of any legal agreements Amal might be under, he might be obligated to VERIFY that he isn’t doing _____ chips

Whether or not Amal “knows” what the chip is that he’s converting is completely irrelevant. No technicality is going to get him out of responsibility if MasterCard were to revoke Fidesmo’s privileges.

No one is going to believe him if he says “I swear guys I didn’t know what I was turning into an implant”. It’s not a matter of contractual obligation that you can just skirt around. So many people in the “hacker” space are used to dealing with faceless companies where you can pull that kind of shit, but in B2B it just doesn’t work like that


I wish there was actual competition for DT, would make things a lot easier sometimes.
But yes it was a joke, no one here wants to create risks for DT/VK/partners.