Location / depth concerns



I had my chip implanted yesterday, and I haven’t been able to use it or get it detected by any of my readers yet.

I’m concerned because I can’t really see it under my skin and it’s kind of hard to feel right now.

Am I just being impatient? I’m concerned that it’s too deep, is there anything I can do to determine this or anyway to fix it easily without removing it :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure I read on here, it may be hard to read (or feel) right after install… Also may depend on the reader. Some readers work better than others with these small tags. What tag did you get and what readers did you try?

I’m a noob, but the general consensus of stuff I read is be patient, and don’t play with it. Let it settle.

If you haven’t, read the FAQ too… X-Series Implantable Transponder FAQ


@turbo2ltr is correct… there may be inflammation that is causing just a bit too much tissue between the reader and implant to get a good read. This is common.

Also, try different orientations. Check our xLED product page for a video that explains this.

Finally, what chip did you get and which readers are you having issue with?


Thanks for the responses! I did end up getting a successful read just now. It’s an xEM chip and I’m using a proxmark3.

Read the post about the antenna not being the greatest and started moving the lf antenna paddle around and found where it would read best with the lf search u command. Ended up finding a location that it worked in.

Thanks again!


@bumjubeo, I’m having the same issue with the proxmark3 easy…how did you end up positioning your hand?


I positioned my hand flat on the ground, and placed the antenna’s centre hole closer to my thumb.


Thanks! I’ll try that tonight.


I’ve had great success with a Pm3 and a cylindrical antenna that I hacked together. The antenna itself I actually got from the DangerousThings xEM access controller kit:

After locking my xEM with the infamous BlueFreakingCloner (before knowing the issues). This coil was my saviour. It gets clean reads an inch away from my skin when orientated as shown in the picture below:


Fantastic! This is the same approach I took as well (end of this post)… but since I don’t have a source for these coils anymore, I’m looking for a sustainable design.


How about http://www.coilcraft.com? Currently looking into getting some coils made to test.


Can you tell us what you did to remove the coil from the xEM access kit and put it on the Proxmark? I have a proxmark 3 easy and had no success putting the antenna from the access kit on it.


The bottom part of this post shows the end result at least. Basically you desolder the antenna from the access controller and solder on a USB port. I actually have to do this myself again since I shipped my one antenna to a customer and they went radio silent… dang… have to make a new one. I will be sure to take some photos.


Hmm. The Proxmark 3 Easy doesn’t use USB plugs for the antenna. It seems that the screws holding the circuitboards together are also used as data conduits (wires).


ah right… the easy does not use the “original” antenna connectors. i have ordered an easy and it should arrive tomorrow so i’ll take a look at it and see what we can do.