Lock Bits already altered


Hey guys,
got my xNT implanted yesterday and tried reading it today with NFC Tools.
It worked so I wanted to secure it using the Dangerous Things NFC App before I do anything else.
The first time it said “Tag lost” or smth like that and after that it always prints “Error: Lock bits already altered”.

Screenshot from the support tool

Is it already locked with my password or did i f*ck something up?
And how would I go about using the other settings from the app if I can’t get past the initial screen?



hey there, sorry for the delay… no you didn’t fuck it up… but the app only got half the job done… we need to update the app to allow it to inspect every single block separately and take the necessary action. for now your “static lock bits” are disabled, but your “dynamic lock bits” are not… not ideal. Keep an eye on the DNFC app for updates.