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RFID 13.56mHZ Dry battery Cabinet Smart Drawer Locksafety electronic drawer lock,Office RFID drawer lock




What is it?
Locker and cabinet lock


What can it do?
It can lock a cupboard or a drawer :open_mouth: DUH!!!

Product sales GUFF

Pretty light on info, but here it is

1 *lock
2 *13.56MHZ keyfob

Note:this order exclude battery.

Material: zinc alloy
Working frequency:13.56MZH (M1)
1.Integrated industry advanced self-learning system RFID module.
2.User set RFID change freely. automatic save after power off.


where to buy






Talking all into consideration, what is the Overview?
i.e. For the cost and performance, “it” is an all around good performer and does what it says on the tin
The lock has a sturdy Aluminum body though still Physically not the strongest, you could rip it off a locker if you were that kind of person
It has a range of compatible implants and it is easy to use

It comes with a Master fob and Main fob

It uses a Hierarchy system
1 x Master ( for enrolling )
3 x Main
19 x Service
1 xGuest ( One time access, well until a new guest is enrolled)

The duty cycle is 2-3 “HP” Pulses when a new tag is introduced into the field

I believe it is built for Mifare 1K tags, but I tested on a number of implants and updated the compatibilty matrix, but list as follows

Tested and works with
FlexMT ~12mm ( Not implanted Chinese knock off )
FlexM1 ~8mm
xM1 ~Contact

FlexNT ~8mm
NExT ~Contact

xSIID ( I really should get an xSIID so I can test these things for you guys )

Doesn’t work with
HID iClass

  • Range testing done plugged into USB for Max power, as it takes a CR2540 battery which I don’t have



Would you recommend it?
Yep I sure would, if it fits your needs, grab one
I gave it :star::star::star::star: = :grin:
Reason for 4 :star:
Lost points for:
Single length barrel, although it should fit MOST cupboards and draws
CR2450 Battery…Who the fuck has one of those?

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But sure what I need a cam lock for, but I might grab a couple

Maybe a pistol safe, or for my tool bench etc

Let me chuck a magnet on it tomorrow to see if I can flip the solenoid. Just to check the physical bypass security a little more for you.

I don’t have access to either of my big neodymium magnets at the moment, I have a few smaller ones I’ll throw together and see what I can manage.

I’ll post back tomorrow with results

Appreciate it

Aaaannndd…I couldn’t wait

All I could muster magnet wise was
2 x (25mm x 12.5mm x 3mm)
1 x (15mm ø x 3mm)

There was definitely strong magnetic attraction to the inside gubbins , and I rubbed it all over like a pervert for about 10mins but a couldn’t trip the solenoid.

So without a larger magnet, nothing conclusive unfortunately.

Probably good enough,

I know I mentioned pistol safe, but to clarify that isn’t something I consider to be “security” but more “convenience” level

Like bedroom when I sleeping or in my car once I figure out how/where to hard mount in this car

Mind making a video of it in use?

No problem.
It will be difficult to show since its not mounted on anything.

It just releases the clutch on the cam and allows it to spin.

I’ll see what I can do…actually, I just had an idea how to do it.

give me a sec

Not the best, but it should give you an idea.
The range on the fob is similar (slightly better at 10mm) to the FlexM1 and FlexNT at 8mm.

I needed hands to operate phone camera and the lock

Range 10mm


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Ok so on authorization you grab and spin the entire face of the lock?

Thats exactly how it works.

Nice one figuring that out from my shitty video. :+1:
The bit I spun in the video remains stationary when mounted. The “lever” and lock body rotate.

I’d love to take credit but I already saw a couple that worked similarly, so I had an idea already lol

@Eriequiet , I was reminded by @BozLynkD 's visit, that I re-tested this lock with my decent magnets, and good news - They Failed





All in all, It’s actually a pretty good little lock

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I ordered one of these. It should be here this week and I’ll report as to whether or not it works with my xSIID

I think that you meant CR2450, but the product page says that it uses a CR2032. Can you confirm which battery it takes? I plan on picking some up before it arrives

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I am currently away, so I dont have access at the moment.
And yeah, good catch CR2450 ( I’ll update my review post, thanks )

I never measured the cavity, but it looked larger than a 2032, but I also didnt try a 2032, so :man_shrugging:

I will be away for another 3 days, but I will check when I get back and let you know if you don’t already have yours.

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Mine came in last night and you are correct. It definitely does NOT take a 2032, despite what their product page says.

I attempted to register my xSIID to the thing but wasn’t able to. Though to be fair, my xSIID is in L0 position and I just installed a xEM also in L0 3 days ago so there’s some swelling. I’m having a hard time reading my xSIID my with phone and even with my KBR1. I’ll try again in a week or so

I’m also fairly convinced I received a faulty unit. The thing looks pretty beat up, and the green unlock icon flashes at all times. Though it does seem to unlock reliably with the included tag. It’s unfortunate because I planned on installing the thing on my toolbox at work, but I fear the constant blinking unlock icon will drain the battery pretty fast

Bugger, an option could be to strap a powerbank to the toolbox and run off that.
But you will have the cable to deal with…not ideal.


Tape a spare battery to the tool box ( to keep handy ) take a note of install date a d let it run dry to test expexted battery life?


So I discovered that the thing DOES in fact use a 2450 battery (good eye). When running off the battery, I don’t have the blinking LED issue that I had while running off of USB power. I’m still not able to use my xSIID with it though. I installed it on my toolbox at work and I’m using the keytag for now until I implant my NExT

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Awesome, thanks for the update and contributing to the review


I hope it puts out enough power for the NExT to read off the battery

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I’ve had some luck using CR2032 batteries in things that require the slightly larger and hard to find cells. However, this reduces the battery life significantly and could potentially reduce the range in this case.

Are there any regular RFID locks? As in this:


Couldn’t really find any reliable ones.