Long live the new flesh - finally got the flexNExT under my skin

indeed… uv lasers work quite well also. To give you an idea of what might be possible with x-ray, UV wavelengths are typically 10nm to 400nm, with flashlights and “normal” UV sources being very close to 400nm side of the scale. The shorter the wavelength, the higher the energy… so if you had a UV source that was closer to 10nm it would “charge” the glow powder inside the silicone very very quickly… almost instantly… and the energy released would be very high (a lot of light).

X-Ray radiation is categorized as anywhere between 10pm (picometers) to 10nm … so starting just above the highest energy UV light… so even more energetic.


Amazing pics!!

Love how the Haworth is so freaking visible!!
And the Antenna on the next just vanishes! :smile:

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