Long live the new flesh - finally got the flexNExT under my skin

Ya cool! :slightly_smiling_face:
I will definetly try to bend it before putting it on. And try to apply a nice “breathable” tape since my skin is very good at not reacting much to stuff and since I should not really show my implant much at work.
Ive been to Denmark last year… unfortunatly didnt know anything about Dangerous Things. Now we have a broken country and Im no exception, so, I may take a while to go back to Europe, really unfortunatly… would love to meet and have you do my implant maybe lol =P

Nononononono - don’t get me wrong, I don’t do this stuff myself :smile:
I just love to have it done to me, and I know a very good artist I can safely recommend, that’s all :wink:
Just searched the web a bit and found quite a lot of tattoo-studios in Brazil, so if you think of one, maybe link it here and I can take a look at the artist’s work, if you like.

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The partners map may be a good place to start, but the map isn’t updated often, so you will need to contact them to confirm their details.

Here is a link to the partners map,

Ya, cool man. I will definetly contact them. I would really like to do it myself, but I recognize its not a good idea hehehe lO> totaly hardcore on this subject hahahaha


Also, if you have some other local piercers closer to you, this may be a good reference for you.

A self install not recommended, but sometimes it is all people have access to.
If you do go down that path, an assisted install ( somebody to help ) will be a better option.

I see you are in the military, so if you know an medics they may also be a good person to ask

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Nope, not at all :wink:
Especially if you want to have it on your hand or arm - it’s impossible to do this with just one hand, even if you’re not poking around in your own body. And you need the right tools.
Additionally, visiting a good artist can make this a great experience, and it’s a lot better for hygiene and aftercare and stuff.


I agree with @Coma :arrow_double_up:

But if you NEED it, you are better to have the information, therefore, here is some more for you


Here is a VERY informative FAQ about x-Series implants, some of which is covered below. But it is recommend you read these FAQs.
There are piercing partners but if there is none near you any body piercer should be able to implant this for you.

A doctor, nurse or medic would be able to but they will likely take more convincing…

A self or assisted install is possible,
The following links that will make this very clear that it is easy to do

read https://dangerousthings.com/wp-content/uploads/Introduction-to-Implantable-Transponders-for-Professionals.pdf ?

read https://dangerousthings.com/wp-content/uploads/Professional-Guide-to-2x12mm-transponder-installation.pdf ?

Watch Installation procedure Guide 1

Watch Installation Procedure Guide 2

Watch Needle insertion angle

How to approach a professional DT Info

This is an excerpt from one of the Wikis, these are a great place to start, plus the faq and info sections

He’s about to get a flexNExT inside his body…
I know that all those links you posted are about the X-series, and you clearly stated that, but I think very little of this applies to flexies…

Main differences (just my point of view, I might be wrong):
No, not every piercer is able to do that. They need tools for this (especially for something as large as the flexNExT, those can’t be installed with a needle), and they most likely need some anaesthetic. Both of which are usually not available for “normal” piercers, so most “normal” piercing studios will send you away because they simply can’t do the procedure. You need a bodymod-studio, ideally one that does implants (silicone stuff) rather frequently.

And I highly doubt that a self-install is even possible for a flexNExT - I know how much force my artist had to apply to separate the skin, this is not possible (in a “healthy way”) with just one hand. And I even would not recommend an assisted install, for the person will literally be poking around in your arm (or hand, or whatever :wink: ). An assisted install with a needle might be okay, and a lot less risky, but this is surgery.

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Ah, right you are,
Yeah a FlexNExT is somewhat more significant, Yeah, I missed that, I thought it was a FlexNT, which is not quite so significant

The information was more around the providing GENERAL information, so thanks for pointing that out buddy :+1:

Nope, Right you are, I just plain ol’ fucked up,
me not read so good :flushed:

Thanks @Coma
Apologies @JRenato

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See, I usually forget the general information at all and jump into the specifics - guess we complement each other well :smile:

But know I am thinking if anyone ever did a scalpelwork-install on their own… I mean, aside from crazy stuff like the circadia and all the things Lepht Anonym installed… :wink:

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I just saw there are TWO red pins :pushpin: in Brazil, hopefully one of them work out

Yes, I will call them and first thing talk to them, maybe they can suggest someone at my town. I actually was hoping to find a body mod artist that already have experience doing subdermal implants. Because traveling in this covid days is not something interesting.
About doing myself its just a mind travel :laughing: As I said, i recognize its not a good idea.

Thank you guys, for your help.

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Okay… since I tend to derail other threads far too often, I decided to put the last update in this thread again. Hope it’s okay, otherwise Pilgrim will sort it out anyway :wink:

A bit of context:
After almost exactly 4 months, my hand was suddenly swollen, very warm and painful, and after some days of waiting, my doc sent me to the hospital to get the flexNExT out again.
Got a bunch of antibiotics, a nice nerve block for anaesthetics and a new cut on my hand, and after a very short procedure, the chip was out (and still reading and glowing!). There was an infection (I’ll update this post if I find out what exactly it was), so they had to remove some tissue as well, but I’m currently feeling pretty good - hand is not aching any more, it’s just a bit annoying because half of my arm is currently bandaged :wink:
I took a pic of my new cut on the day after the procedure - they put a drainage in, to prevent swelling, at least for the first day… was a nasty feeling to get that out :grimacing:


At least you are well now, and added quite a tale to your belt! :wink:

Still sending good vibes, though!!

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Glad you’re okay!

I see the surgeon installed one of them “snaking stitches” that leave only a thin scar line. That’s pro: at least you have a good chance it won’t leave a nasty mark on your hand. But you’ll have to cover it all up next summer, else the sun will turn it into something really visible for the next 30 years.

The downside is, if you think removing the drain was bad, wait till they pull on that wire. It don’t last long, but Jesus it hurt like a momma…

Says the person who keeps explaining how pain is enjoyable. You’re full of contradictions :wink:

Does the flexNExT still look intact? No signs of seepage inside it? I assume the surgeon kept it in one piece, since you say it still works.

Maybe you could recondition it with a bit of lemon Pledge and a clean ziplock bag and resell it :slight_smile:

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Hm, my doc here said it was something made of protein, so they only cut off the knots and the rest of it dissolves by itself :wink: And yep, the scar should be very small that way - and even if not… hell, one scar more or less… :wink: If it’s too annoying, I just put a tattoo over it!

Yeah, pain can be fine, but the feeling of pulling something out of a wound… :grimacing: I hate taking out sutures as well, just not a nice feeling for me. Maybe depends on the context :wink:

Checked that, and nope, the chip looks fully intact. No seepage, no corrosion, nothing. And nooo, I’ll neither resell nor re-implant it (just kidding - would be an amazing bad idea to do so!) - I just keep it somewhere as a nice little memento :wink:

Receiving them, feeling happy - thanks :slight_smile:


Hope you have a speedy and uneventful recovery!!


Tiny update, mostly for pics - I managed to get my x-rays today! :star_struck:

I’m pretty impressed by how visible my silicone implant is - might be because it’s fluorescent? At least the ladys doing this x-ray were pretty surprised, because I didn’t tell them about that implant (hey, it was not the one causing trouble, and I didn’t think it would be visible at all…^^).

Other than that, everything is doing fine, I think - my hand is feeling better day by day, hope I can stop taking antibiotics soon. No info on what sort of infection it was, yet…


Great pix! Thanks for sharing!

Well it’s because of the phosphor particles yes… those are radio-opaque. Did you notice if your power button glowed after the x-ray? Probably not enough exposure time, but if you had an old-school x-ray where they just dump tons of energy through you… you’d probably have a glow like you’ve never seen before :slight_smile:


You’re welcome :wink: I’m happy I got those pictures, it’s actually a nice memory^^

Hm, I didn’t really pay attention to it, sadly… and short thereafter, my arm was bandaged a lot again :wink:
But I can make it glow a lot with an uv-flashlight!^^