Long live the new flesh - finally got the flexNExT under my skin

If you decide to go with the flaps it will also help round this “edge bump” assuming they’re softer than the rest.

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What if it hada slight curve/bend? Would help with spinning also maybe.

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Might help with both - I’m just not sure if it would make any difference / problem during installation…
And, again, the way it would be bent would determine the orientation, so we would be less flexible considering the LED’s placement (or I get you wrong… slept to little last night, might just be stupid today^^)

Idk. I figure each one was custom made. Make have a slight Pringle shape? I really don’t know the right answer. Just so it would be more shaped for the top of the hand.

What about meat glue for cooking?

That’s a good idea but it would have to be customized for each person with measurements involved. It would also introduce tension in the material, making it less durable (I think). Uou would also loose just a little bit of received power (probably negligible).

funny thing I noticed tonight - I’ve got a two-tone LED :rofl:
I can scan through the hand now (well, mostly…), and one of the LED is half red / half blueish-white - guess it’s part of the healing process, but it looked kinda interesting…


Have you freaked anyone out at the grocery store yet? You could scare people pretty good if you rested your hand on the tap to pay!

ha nice! yeah it could be a blood vessel or just the healing process… so interesting!

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Hehe, I already thought you made the very-special-first-ever-dual-colored-LED for me :stuck_out_tongue:
But yes, I think it is interesting - always exciting to see what the body does with stuff you put inside^^

Nah, not yet - but I’m back at work tomorrow, I’ll try everything out there :wink:

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Any Lassi Sidoro update?
Any update on anti-rotation pentagon or pringle?

Yeah we discussed a kind of flap but agreed that the key to anything working at all would be to keep fluid buildup to an absolute minimum, and that’s really hard to do. I think it’s prob going to take making some test shapes and getting back serious data with an aftercare protocol followed carefully.


Especially since it varies a lot, depending on the person - my body tends to swell a lot, others maybe less…
I kept it elevated for the first days, even at night (freaking uncomfortable to sleep that way!), wore a tight bandage with sterile swabs on the implant for about 8-9 days constantly (and still at work and during night), and there is still quite some fluid buildup. Less than on my silicone implant (I take a picture every day during healing time, so I can compare well^^), but still.

Oh, and a little update again - no more turning since the first night. Rotated about 5-10° and stayed that way. Going to take the threads out in a few days, I think, will post a picture of the suture afterwards :wink:

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hey, how noticeable is the edge now? like when you don’t have your hand in a position to show it

At this point I can confirm this: now that my doNExT is properly sandwiched between my arm and the skin, it won’t turn anymore. At least not permanently. And clearly you’re right: the pocket needs to be completely dry, because before mine was, I was able to spin the implant around at will. Now that’s gone for good.

The interesting thing is, it’s not even held in place by friction or stickiness alone. What happens is, my arm forces it to assume a bent disc shape all the time. And since it’s not completely flexible, it has a tendency to keep that shape.

That means if I do the one single movement that causes it to turn, provided I don’t stay in position for too long after the movement and bend it permanently into a new shape - which never happens because it’s really not a natural movement or comfortable hand position to hold for long - it’ll “snap” back into place simply by mechanical fit.

This may not hold true if it’s implanted in a wider arm than mine, or on the back of the hand. And maybe a full-featured flexNExT that’s stiffer than my doNExT doesn’t do that. But at least in a thin-ish arm like mine with that implant, that’s how it works. So in my case, no tab or funky serrations needed after all.

That’s really interesting - it means your skin is stronger than the doNExT? As it holds it in place properly? Because mine (on the back of the hand) simply forces the skin to form around it, not the other way round… so it is pretty visible, even though the swelling is getting less finally :wink: But the edges are totally visible, especially on the sides of my hand, and they will become even more visible the more “dry” it all gets…

Oh yeah, the doNExT totally conforms to the shape of my arm.

The edges stick out a tiny bit when I twist my wrist all the way clockwise or counterclockwise, because the skin doesn’t completely follow the bones underneath. As a result, the doNExT “slides” from one bone to the other and the edges poke out a bit when they reach the edge of the radius or the ulna, because the implant can’t conform to the tight radius of the bone - if that makes any sense. But even then it’s hardly noticeable.

I think the lack of hard center in the doNExT really makes a difference in flexibility.

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It hasn’t changed much compared to the last pictures.

Do you think maybe, during the healing process, if you had a tape forcing the edges that are showing into your hand, it would heal more “tight”, and would show less since there would be less space for the implant to lift your skin?
Im waiting for my flexNext to arrive. Wondering if I will possibly find a bodymod artist in my town… it will be the toughest part…

Maybe, yes, but the tape had to be very tight for that, I think. And in my case, taping was no option, simply because it was way too hot on that day and sweating below the tape might have lead to some serious bad reactions - especially considering that my body reacts to any tape with redness, itching and little bubbles after a really short period of time. No big problem on “normal” skin, but directly above an implant… nah, my artist and me decided against it.
It might have been possible to bend the implant a bit before inserting it (like I wrote above, we didn’t dare because we weren’t sure how sturdy the flexy actually was), at least if it might hold the shape a bit.

Just wanted to do my standard-“if you ever get to Germany, I know a great artist!”-thing, and then I realized that you’re from Brazil. Might be a bit far to travel, but, still, if you ever get to Germany… :wink:
There are some really impressive modders in South America, I’m just not sure where they were located… I remember one in Venezuela, I think (the guy who even removes noses and all that stuff), but I think there was one in Brazil as well… hell, have to research that :smiley:

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