Looking for a consultant maybe?

I am a non-techie dumb blonde who can’t program the clock on the DVR without help. Seriously. But I want to get chipped. I want the most advanced tech I can get but I need help figuring it all out. I’ll need help deciding which chip(s) I need and how to program them. I have some big ideas the technology may not support but want to make sure I get the most out of it that I can. I am willing to pay a reasonable fee for the help and I am happy to be a guinea pig if you have more ideas than I do. If anyone would enjoy making a dumb blonde into a cyborg, please contact me as soon as possible. I am in Washington state, if that matters. Thank you!


What are you looking to do as your end result?

Open doors?
Start your car?
Copy your car key? (Tesla)

I think most people will want to know that, and they will direct you to the product you need. People here are helpful, and I doubt any will make you into a project. But they will help you make yourself.


Hello and welcome to tbe forum! First off what are your plans and wants.

You said

If you can elaborate we could definitely point you in the right direction!


Welcome to the club! :smiley:
That matches a large % of forum members I would guess.

The #projects category is a very interesting place if you want to have a browse.

Otherwise ^ this :smiley:

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Well, first I may need help making sure my expectations are realistic LOL. I understand there may be more than one chip involved. I like the smart home features: locks, thermostat, lights. I want to be able to display a webpage when scanned up close, hopefully one that requires a password to login. AND I want lights. I’ve only seen one light but am hoping for three in red, yellow, and green. I am hoping control of the light could be slightly longer range so it could be activated maybe from across a room instead of on contact like the website thing. I’m trying to focus on the functionality rather than the intent of my project because I am new to the forum and not sure what uses are publicly acceptable at this point.

Right OK let’s begin;

Oh yes!

Not too hard, this can be achieved with pretty much any tag, if you want it to work with a phone you want a HF tag (NFC, 13.56MHz)

Login to the website would be handled by the website the implant would just point to the URL (Web address)

As in the chip to light up, that can work! With all this information the xSIID would fit the bill its a HF implant with an LED as well.

On to the below:

xSIID has all these colours but there are no (not currently) multi colour LED implants as there is also no easy and reliable way to choose which colour would illuminate.
I think what you are getting at is you would like feedback from say a home automation system directly to your implant? Unfortunately that is something that is not possible at the moment.

:sweat_smile::rofl: no I’m not laughing at you we would all love that we really would but unfortunately its not available at the moment, best range would be a couple of centermeters (with a really good antenna)

As a side note most people deem it sensible to start with something like a NExT as it contains both a HF and LF chip allowing for greater flexibility in a small package (no LED though).

Hope all this info helps!


Well throw enough power at a large enough coil… not sure about safety… but safety is a minor detail!



Yeah that much crap into the band and you’ll have the fcc on your back to :rofl:


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You seem to really know what you’re talking about and your name is Devil so I’m gonna take a chance here. The worst you can do is kick me off the site, I guess. I am a sub, married to my dom for over two decades. I want info he likes to keep tabs on, on a chip or website linked to chip. Like credit score and bank balance. Workouts. Etc. BUT I also think that women should come with remotes. I always have LOL. I have wearables he can control with a remote but I want more. I was hoping he could turn a light on from across the room and the different colors are different commands. Is there a device that would extend the range? Even just inside the house? Is there a way to link it to my phone for GPS apps? Come on, you know you want to be the first man to actually figure out how to have a woman on remote control. Help me, please! :slight_smile:


RFID tech would probably not suit those applications for now unfortunately. The limiting factor is power delivery for most of these things. Currently we have to wirelessly deliver power so without a very close range wearable to extend it you SOL ATM. If you are okay having a wearable link to the implant to extend the range then that would work but at that point you would get more functionality out of a wearable.

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Right first off

my kind of girl!

Not even the crazies haha

You have no idea haha

As for what you have said I don’t think the current level of technology would allow you to do what you want. Sorry!


Ok then tell me how close I can get. :slight_smile: I know I can put the data or webpage on a chip for him to scan up close. I know there are lights. I don’t know what else is available. Or if it can be linked to an external possibly wearable power supply or range extender. The lights are my biggest hope. But from a few feet away at least.

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The technical side is that you would need some pretty heavy custom website/app coding on your phone or a Web server.

Not safely

Have you looked at a wearable ( a watch or something)

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Plug: HF LED Power Bracelet we are working on this but we are talking watch type range :frowning:

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Is that a power source? If I wear the bracelet, it could power the lights in my hand? Or extend the range?

Thanks. I have most of the info feeding to a single page now. So I think based on YouTube videos, I could link a chip to that page. Just have to figure out the login.

I do have wearables but sometimes I take them off and well let’s just say now it’s time for one I can’t take off. :wink:

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Its still a work in progress. It is designed to power a implanted light while you wear it. My current prototype has to be directly over the implant however. Myself and others are working on increasing that but it would still be cm of range not meters.

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Bluetooth control on/off?


Then your most of the way there! And yes you can definitely link the page to the chip.

Depending on where and how the webpage is hosted there should be guides available online.

Someone’s being naughty then.

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if we can squeeze into a watch type format I don’t see why not.

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