Looking for installer in Northeastern OK

Hey all, I’m trying to find an installer for DT implants in the Broken Arrow/Tulsa Metropolitan region. I can do 2-3 hours from those cities, but the closest I found from there was Dallas, which is quite a drive. Anyone know someone closer I may be able to reach out to? Responses here or in DMs would be super appreciated. Thanks!

Are you the same person @NoUsersLefft was asking on behalf of?

We can try a @GrandpaMumbo and see if he knows of anybody, BUT we haven’t seen him for about a year

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Alternatively, this is a great resource

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I have tried this with rather limited success, but I can continue trying. Other than just Piercers, what other professionals would you recommend reaching out to?

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I don’t believe so? And I’d be happy to hear from anyone, but if they’ve been gone that long I won’t hold my breath haha

The obvious ones are medical professionals
Military medics
Veterinarians ( Not Joking ) They implant chips under animals skin A LOT

So if you reach out in your family and friends circles, They may know somebody who knows somebody


Just remember if you do find a friend of a friend to do your install, bring free beer or some other form of goody pay-off. These people are gold for later and you wanna stay on the good side of 'em.

If that’s not you, then maybe you oughta see if you can get together with them and share resources, contacts, experiences, etc. Might even be worth splitting gas money if you both end up going to Dallas.


Hello I’m mostly lurk around the forms these days but if you ever at me I will be here because I check my email

Unfortunately I do not know of anyone who would but the best advice I could offer you is find a place where they do piercings especially small shops and ask if they would do it I’m sure someone would


I’m not sure how north eastern you are, but if you can’t find anyone, Generation X Tattoo in Navada, MO might not be toooo far of a drive.

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