Looking for Professional Installer

Does anyone know where to get a microchip implanted in Northern Ohio?

Closest I could find on the MAP is in Lafayette Indiana.

Maybe someone else knows someone personally, and will chime in soon. Unfortuneatly, sometimes a long drive is necessary.


I won’t be mean and mention how close my installer is lol

Fwiw It’s probably not a great distance, but Fenton Michigan has a good installer

Straight up us-23 an hour or 2

A couple of us are trying to get together in Chicago in March… might be able to convince someone to help you as an alternate idea

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Thanks for the response that’d be awesome if you could get someone to help me I live near Cleveland but if not I’ll be moving over to Toledo at the beginning of May that would be closer to Fenton Michigan and I could probably head over there

Well be meeting up in Chicago 3-19 if you wanna try to meet up there

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Could you let me know the installer in Fenton Michigan? Thanks!

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Fenton tattoo and piercing
Ask for Thomas

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Depending on the install type, they may or may not do it. In the state of Indiana, they cannot install beyond a piercing (injection). Anything requiring the use of a scalpel is not permitted without a medical license. I’m an hour from Lafayette, and they will not install my Titan.

I’m interested (only 3 hrs south of Chicago). Is someone who will be there willing to do Titan installs?

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That’s probably asking a lot,
But difference between a X series install, and a titan

Main point is just a meet up, but there was chatter of some people MAYBE “helping” with some installs

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Do you know how long you guys are gonna be staying there and if I come to Chicago should I just write you on here?

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