Looking to buy xNT - I see the beta app doesn't work

Looking to buy https://dangerousthings.com/product/xnt/ however reading the “Securing your implant - first steps after installation” section there’s a link to an Android app. The app hasn’t been updated since 2014:

And no longer works with latest Android phones. How is everyone getting around this and securing your devices? This is the last thing holding me up before making the purchase.

They’re pre secured so you no longer need to use that app anymore as what the app used to is now there by default


Also might not be a bad idea to pick up a NExT instead which also has a low frequency T5577 in addition to the NTAG216.

Or a xSIID which has an NTAG + LED :slight_smile:

Depends on your application.

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Oh ok that’s great news then. No need to worry about the lock bytes and default password stuff then. Fantastic.

Thanks - yeah I viewed those. For my need I want as small of a profile as possible and no attention drawn to myself with lights and such!

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and the xMagic?

Also 2 in 1

But still not as small as an xNT

If you want to share your use case, we might be able to confirm your choice or offer a better solution :man_shrugging:

Dont forget to think ahead to the future, what you may want, and where you may want to put it.

I’ve moved a couple of mine for not planning far enough ahead

If not, The xNT is still a great option.


There may be some xNT stock that still isn’t. Please read with taginfo first and see if memory page 02 looks like this;

07 48 0F 00 (BCC1, INT, LOCK0-LOCK1)

If you have this instead it’s not protected;

07 48 00 00 (BCC1, INT, LOCK0-LOCK1)

We will look into updating the app.


Yeah if I were you I would get xMagic or NExT. Once implanted the form factor and stealth is effectively identical to xNT. Although with dual frequency HID readers I’ve had issues with dual frequency implants if HF is enabled on the reader, but you intend to use LF.

All depends on application. Do what you want at the end of the day though.

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The xNT is a fantastic chip! If you have coding experience the other chips might give you greater expansion possibilities but if you don’t, the xNT will give you a wide range of features, all easily managed on your phone.
I use my xNT several times a day.
I reviewed it here.

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My NTAG216 shows 55 48 00 00 = unprotected. What is BCC1 that mine shows 55?

For clarity this is not an old xNT but a non-DT, NTAG216.