LoRa Meshtastic

Has anyone fallen into this rabbit hole yet? Range is pretty incredible and with the mesh network can be interested indefinitely. Ordered a couple nodes and looking forward to see what it is capable of.

I’ve played around with digi xbee modules and their mesh networking is phenomenal. it even supports hardware aes encryption in the module to protect comms. just set your keys and put serial in, get serial out, with radio comms encrypted. mesh is automatically arranging and self healing. automatic delivery confirmation and retry is also supported.

modules are spendy though. come in 900mhz and 2.4ghz variants, and each with different possible power outputs.

power use can be pretty high though. battery operated applications may suffer or require very tight power controls and tricky timings between nodes.

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Interesting. The nodes I picked up are sub 50$ and adding solar and a battery will put me under 70$ stock people are getting 10 miles. Some are claiming 200 miles with line of sight and upgraded antenna

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started with a couple of these just to test headless range.

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I have a couple Meshtastic devices here where I live in the US. It seems as though it’s blowing up in the UK, but I haven’t detected any other nodes locally even when driving around town with one, although I’m still using the antennas that they came with so that could be a factor.

judging by your username you may see a few others pop up in Metro-Detroit :slight_smile:

is there any integration with home assistant for meshtastic?

Yep, as long as you connect it to your mqtt server. There’s pretty detailed documentation around it too


keep us posted, its a super cool tech :+1:

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