Lost implant in hand

Some people have had success splinting it in place using toothpicks / tape and then taking prenatal / collagen boosting supplements to help the body encapsulate the implant. People usually take supplements for 4 weeks, splint for as much of that as possible / is comfortable.

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I would also try to use a magnet to coax it back into place and then build a little splint to corral it in place, and tape that down tight.

Take prenatal vitamins to help collagen grow and help lock it down. Have you been experiencing more stress lately? Getting less quality sleep? Eating habits change? Sometimes fascia can break down a bit when major changes impact the body and the implants can start moving around after that.


I don’t know the answer, but a couple of thoughts for you to consider and / or others to comment on :-

All less risky than a tourniquet

Do you think it would be possible for you to use the corral method? ( Match sticks and tape)
Otherwise, we are going to get all sporty up in this bitch :tennis: :golfing_man: :basketball:

What about a Roger Federer wrist band

Basketball Jordan style armband

If that is not tight enough,
Tendonitis, band ( Golf or Tennis Sports store )

Well I’m screwed in the long run lol


And a few weeks later it has disappeared. I can no longer detect the chip at all. Short of going for an X-ray any ideas?

Have you tried a Magnet?

Like @Eriequiet 's example

Just trying to find magnets that small….

Whreabouts in the world are you?

Also the interwebs

Search for neodymium magnets around 6mm x 3mm disc is a good size.

I meant around the house. I know I have some in the office but currently in quarantine

So, having recovered from COVID, no luck with magnets, Awaited new LF Tom Harkness antenna and HF long range antenna to get through customs and tried both with my Proxmark 3 RDV 4.01 to no avail.

Finally went and got another x-ray and it hasn’t moved at all

So it seems it just stopped woking after less than month ?

What else can I try ?

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Its mostly the way people scan it. i could be to far inside so the distance is too big for your reader.

also it kind of looks bent but idk.


Looks similar to the original install when it was working fine

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