M1flex installation with Apex needle

Thanks! It gets better! They have ones not coated in silicon.


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No, however they are made of glass unfortunately…

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How about these?


I am not certain they have an o ring however.

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Glass could be an option actually… being plastic is the least strict of the issues listed.

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I think there are some options here but I think the only one I’d trust would be the KIMAX with rubber lined cap… but it’s not quite ideal and expensive AF… maybe I will see if I can get some samples of the 16mm x 100mm tubes with caps and do some tests… vacuum chamber testing is always a good test for these… see if they really hold their shit or not.


I work in a lab, I go back Monday. I will look around at all the stuff we have.


@Sijaka - bravo. Looks like a nice job.

Damn it…

Now I want one. My Mrs is gonna kill me!



Funn thing with flexes @robt if you don’t tell they won’t show :grin:

Just blame the band aid on fixing your car or snowblower :rofl:

flex is under here, whilst my XG3 is under here:

So in other words it can’t be seen (unless you share bank accounts :rofl::rofl:)
Same location, opposite hands :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m a little concerned about this… what am I looking at? Is that raised pale tissue?


Hahaha, not at all @amal​:rofl::rofl::rofl: let me give you another angle :rofl::rofl::rofl:
*Never mind red spots as I’ve just welded a little bit, and got burnt through the gloves :sweat_smile:
Edit: photo Wouldent upload

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So I am back, and have looked around. I have these here on hand,


and I could send ya a couple if needed. We use these for specimen to freeze them down to -80 C. There is no o-ring, but they are made to not leak during transport. Is the o-ring necessary?

here is a general search

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Yeah I used this 3mm needles but this thing is just scary :grimacing:

I don’t have this one on hand, but it has rubber in the cap, and it seems to be about $2 a piece.


Does anyone know when is M1flex being released?

It’s actually the flexM1. I tend to put the format indicator first… xM1 is glass tube because the x-series are all glass tube injectables… and flexM1 because the flex form factor involved. It’s my own goofy naming convention.

To answer your question though, we hope to get antennas next month after a long delay due to covid-19… once we get them, production batching can start.


Bit cheeky but I got couple of questions.

  1. What price range are we looking for the flex m1?

  2. M1 is 1k mifar classic backdoor correct?

  3. There was talk I think of a gen1 and gen2 what are the major differences? One of them is safer (less brickable)?

  4. Would you recommend a proxmark rdv4.


But I would GUESS somewhere in the ballpark of the other flex’s in the DT store…


Pros and Cons for both

It is currently the industry standard.
Personally I wish there was something easier to use with a nice GUI.
But it is usable, it has a nice form factor, it has add-ons AND the more you use it and get familiar with it, the more you tolerate the short-commings.
Short Answer. depends on what you want to use it for, If you have the money, Then Yes.
If the PM easy does what you want (RDV4 has DT LF antenna, tuned for our xSeries implants, which works very well, but the EASY does work)
The Easy means you will have at least $240 to spend on more implants… and again another guess this should? cover your FlexM1…


Looking forward to a day with a flex bundle. FlexM1 & FlexApex packed with the needle.


On windows there is a GUI available, calling it nice is pushing things a tad.


Yeah exactly, kind of just phoning :phone: it in really