M31 need to buy

Im looking to buy a M31 biomagnet but there off the site how do I purchase one

I noticed that those recently disappeared too. I was hoping to purchase some as well.

Hey jerodcoty,

mdanger or amal may get back to you with more details, but the gist of it is that the current magnet coatings are too prone to failure for the standards that Dangerous Things has set for it’s products moving forward.

Even with the more robust TiN coating that they were using on the m31 sensing magnets, people were still getting failures after a few years. Although the m31 was listed on the DT site before the recent update, they had been “out of stock” for many moons.

The biohacking community is still working on a coating that is biocompatible and lasts indefinitely, but we’re not there yet. Keep an eye out for novel coating methods on the horizon that will solve this problem. Double coating in TiN and then parylene looks promising, but reliability of application is just as important as coating composition when we’re talking about long term viability.

Thank you for the feedback.