M31 revival? Not yet, just letting you know though

I’d love the magnet too, but $500 is just a bit out of my price range at the moment. Especially with install fees. :sob:

Oxygen-based plasma gets rid of Parylene, as does soaking it in Tetrahydrofuran.

Oh. Yeah, they’re probably going to have to butcher your finger. I’d be asking whoever made it on removal instructions.

EDIT: Tetrahydrofuran is not explicitly toxic. You might be able to get away with using it, but it’ll leave bits of parylene in you as it only dissolves the bond between it and the magnet. It wouldn’t work well. You’ll need to slice the tissue that grew into the parylene off.

Medical professional or body mod professional?

Honestly I’ll probably go to a doctor for this one and use a different finger for my next magnet. This is my second one in that finger and if I keep having chunks dug out of it and shit dissolving into it I risk an amputation.

No dice. It was a random group order my body mod artist was in on from some dentist like 3 years ago.

There are coating techniques for parylene that are used to maximize tissue adhesion. I doubt these mags have that… but if it’s broken up at all you’ll probably never get all the pieces out of your body.

I thought parylene, in general, was for maximising tissue adhesion tbh.

My understanding is that parylene isn’t sticking to anything, or causing anything to stick, but rather works by irritating the body into producing a blob of encasement tissue around the source of irritation, and it’s that blob of tissue itself that’s anchored to the skin.

Scalpel and a GIANT Magnet :magnet:


Bonus, It will be quick

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That’s stuff like standard soda lime glass. It doesn’t occur in animals, so they use a textured parylene it appears, which allows tissue to anchor into the parylene. It only has to last 10-20 years.

Parylene C and parylene N are both encapsulants normally used a lot for electronics protection and some medical device manufacturing, but as a tissue bonding material it’s a specialized application. Another patented material trademarked biobond is made of polypropylene and is much more common in transponder use cases… usually as a cap that slides on to the glass and works though friction.

Both materials require special processing to ensure they are porous enough for tissue to grow into the holes and lock the transponder in place.

Good. They will numb you up real well.

It might not be all that bad that it grew to the parylene.

The doctor will likely try to remove any scar tissue anyways to ensure it heals together fine. With it stuck to the implant, it will likely just tear away that tissue when being removed, or will have to be cut.

Since it is being removed by a doc, I wouldn’t be too concerned.

If it was being self removed, or from a body mod artist, I would be a bit more worried.

Wouldn’t that significantly increase, junk I guess, building up in or on the surface? How does it not give an infection someplace to get started?

In defense as an ex-professional body modder, a lot of them are basically surgeons, just a different kind. Give them a bit more credit :wink: :purple_heart:


Hey fair. I am only speaking of local ones I know about.

I guess in my mind, I don’t particularly see a modder being concerned as much about debridement. I am not saying they are unable to take it out.

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With that said, say someone asked you to remove a magnet, or anything other than an xseries chip.

How would you do it? Let’s use this magnet as an example.

In my mind, I see a modder taking it out, and looking to see if they missed anything, maybe rinse it with saline and cleanser and stich shut. Where I live, this would have to be done legally with no injecting of lido, so all pain felt. I imagine one would not sit well for scraping of tissue.

When I see a doctor doing it, I can see them numbing and can take their time as there will be less discomfort. I feel they would intentionally scuff the tissue inside so it heals as one.

Not trying to argue, just trying to understand

Honestly, that one’s beyond my skillset so I can’t give you an answer, sorry! That would be something each person would do differently based on their skillset too. And yeah, it’s illegal to use anesthetic but… :wink:


I hear ya.

I would take your best guess to be fair. I am just wondering how your thought process is different than mine.

It doesn’t not do that


Sorta… but the reason it doesn’t really start biofouling is that the body’s tissues do grow into place, squeezing out nice colonization spots for bacteria. Bacteria, like most normal cells, have edge detection built in, and if there is not enough room to divide, they won’t. This is how shark skin works… it has grooves that bacteria can fit into but it triggers edge detection and they don’t set up a colony.

Cancer cells turn off edge detection and just grow unchecked, which is why tumors push outward and can grow so large… they just physically push normal tissue aside while growing and spewing out horrible proteins and other waste products that fuck up other parts of the body… until they grow large enough that some of the shit breaks off and now you have mastetisation and new tumors taking root elsewhere… ugh. One treatment proposed was to try to turn edge detection back on in cancer cells which would keep them in check and let the body have a chance at destroying them… but I have no idea where that research is at this point.