M31 revival? Not yet, just letting you know though

Everyone share thoughts… I’m in the process of making a video this weekend, but if you have ideas about what should be on here, please share.

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Immediate thought: you ditched that “Tito” name and that’s a good idea :slight_smile:


awww lil tito!!!

Good thing it’s not made of uranium: you’d have called it uranus :slight_smile:

“lil anu”

My first thought was “there’s a hall of fame?”

That coupon incentive is a real pull too.


Me likey.


I’m a nerd, so… Water is only an element in archaic times. Ie, don’t mix up modern and ancient elements like this… "is easily corroded by common elements such as oxygen and water. "

Tactful prodding. :rofl:

Tito :-1: - Titan :+1:

I really really really want one, my issue is obtaining the 500$ my question is how long will the campaign run? Imma have to try real hard to get the money like seriously hard but I need one :worried:

It says until October 15.

Can anyone comment on the size and fingertips?
It’s 4,5*2,8mm so I think my pinky isn’t a good idea.

I’d still like to use my finger for typing. WIll that be a problem?

So it does shit my bad i completely missed that :frowning:

This looks really good - very informative! And I like the part of “what happens if I want my money back” :wink:

Nah, I’m definitely in and can’t wait for it, this sounds like an incredible idea. And it’s just amazing to see what happens in this forum, and where it all leads to…

Gonna show the page to my bodmod-artist in 2 weeks or so, if that’s okay? Maybe he knows some crazy people who want one, too :wink:

edit: ah, @amal - can you already tell how the magnets will be sterilized? Guess you get them “implant-ready” from a medical manufacturer, so they will be sterile? Or rather the chlorhexidine “almost sterile”-way?

So good news and good timing.
Also today the Titan (née lily tito) Poll taking a market appetite sample achieved the minimum required 20 backers.

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We need 24 tho’. The goal is 12K.

I was just going off this

Because Amal is so generous

Eitherway, it is a promising sign and still some time to go.


I’d say as soon as I get a video together… prob filming it tomorrow… then I will push on socials and we push out beyond the community for this.

I think at this time chlorhexidine is the option of the day but if we raise over the goal I will consider springing for small batch EO sterilization…

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That’d be so great! I know, chlorhexidine is kinda “okay”, but I’m more comfortable with having sterile stuff implanted into my body :wink: FlexNExT is doing fine, though, so I’d take the magnet nevertheless :smiley:

I’m afraid it can’t be sterilized in a standard autoclave?

No need to hurry, my artist is on vacation anyway^^

Not without field strength loss… how much loss depends on your autoclave and the settings.

Just for context, I’ve shipped thousands of chlorhexidine clean devices and not one report of infection from any professional installation. I also put the chlorhexidine packaged devices into a sonic bath to ensure all surface bubbles are degassed to ensure complete contact with no bad guys hiding out in any surface tension bubbles or anything.

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Yep, that’s what I was afraid of. Sigh…^^

I know that the chlorhexidine is safe enough for daily use, so to say :wink: But you know, I’m used to have this “sterile or get away from it”-attitude since decades, literally, so it’s a bit hard for me to let that go :smile: And I didn’t find anyone who can do gamma ray or eo-gas sterilization around here, while of course my bodymodder as well as my local piercer both got autoclaves they would happily let me use^^


Are you sure it’s not because the ones who did catch a bug are dead? :slight_smile:

Either that, or as soon as you receive a complaint email, you turn on the mind suggestion transmitter, tune it to the sender’s implant, and put a tape on that repeats “No, my implant is fine. It’s not the cause of my horribly disfiguring disease. I must not blame DT. I must blame 5G and the government.” all night long, every night.