Magic routine augmented with implants

Hey everyone, I’ve been thinking about how I could apply biohacking to a routine using magnet implants in less standard areas like the biceps or lower back for example. I do think a flat disc magnet would likely work better for this than the standard shaped XG3. This opens up a lot of avenues for things like vanishes or to have a prepped item. I know it’s definitely a niche use case, but I’m excited by the tricks I could do if I had something like this.

For background I do have an XG3 between my index finger and thumb along with a few other implants across both hands.

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I think it would be quite hard to have enough attractive force to consistently stick large objects, and said objecs would probably need to have a magnet themselves.

Another concern would be that (as far as I know) big implants needs to be flexible, and magnet are not. Also I’m not sure if you could coat a magnet with the coating of the flex series, or if a big bioglass implant is possible to manufacture. That said at this point it would probably be custom made, so maybe machining a titanium casing could be done ?

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I think this thread is relevant to your questions:

Magic with magnets has been discussed a few times and I believe a couple people have used/use them.
Personally I’ve only played around with finger magnets and these for fun:

but I think magnetic switches like this have potential


some reed and magnetic switches are ok, but you might also consider hall effect sensor based switches as they are much more sensitive than mechanical switches.


I’ll be using items that have added magnetic or steel cores to get better permeability. I’d be able to make use of something similar in size/power to the magnet I already have implanted with that bit of help. Nothing would be much heavier than a US half dollar.

Something custom is probably the best option, I’m personally leaning towards a disk shape. Doing a two magnet system for either polarity could be an option if given enough space between the two. That way you’d be able to place the prop regardless of which pole is needed.

I think that might blow anyone who doesn’t know about implants minds, I mean I’m genuinely amazed at that! I gave the other thread a quick skim and it’s definitely one I’m taking a more thorough look at.

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I fell like pairing it with these could achieve some amazing stuff. Building a magnet triggered arduino system that uses sensors in different locations as button inputs is a pretty basic idea I have at the least. I’m certain they can be used to better effect than that though, and given a bit of time I’ll have some other possibilities figured out.

As an aside I’m on mobile so I’m gonna apologize for the chain of replies. It took me until now to realize how to do it lmao

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I was at a wedding last weekend and I made quite a few “magic” tricks with my magnetic implants. Kids were amazed, parents were wondering what was the trick… Lifting coins, small magnetic balls. The funniest was writing on a white board that turns into black with a magnetic tip pen, a drawing board for kids without the mess.


Even the single one I have right now works great for smaller stuff that regularly has people scratching their heads, like even lifting a coin gets a lot of surprise. I’ve only got the XG3 in between my thumb and index on the back to my hand so far, but I’m thinking I may do another between the middle and ring finger of my other hand so it’s more centrally placed.

If you’ve ever heard of Anastasia Synn, she uses magnets and RFID in her act pretty extensively. She would be a great person to reach out to about this we well.

She has gotten some custom magnet implants made that are a bit larger, some of which were encapsulated by cassox at augmentation limitless. They might be a good group to reach out to if DTs offerings aren’t meeting your needs.


She’s absolutely a part of the inspiration behind the idea. I’m not sure how openly I want the biohacking to be a part of my act, but when it comes to the custom implants she’s absolutely gonna be an awesome person to talk about any of it with. I’m still planning on a couple more magnet implants from DTs products, but given body placement of some I’ll have to source alternate hardware.

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When my son plays with the 3 magnets in my left hand and small magnetic balls …


You should visit Grindfest :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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This looks awesome! I’d have to plan for going next year but I already know I’ll have the time available then

She Says She Has 47 Chip Microchip Implants in Her Body - YouTube she has a whole magic set they do that I saw at grind fest a few years ago. That’s when she got a few of the larger arm magnets (like inch or something) then I watched her put a rod clean through her arm. Grind fest is way fun.