Magnetic Implant on the chest?!

Hey guys!
So after some years enjoying my transdermal horns, I am going for subdermal finger thumbs now, but I found out the guy have also a titanium coated magnetic (which is strong, I need to check how much exactly).

I was searching about it all over the web, but just can find people with them on hands or arms, and aiming mostly feeling it on magnetic areas. I want it right in the middle of my chest actually.
My goal is mostly for the aesthetics, to play putting pendants like a cross on my chest for videos, or bar tricks with silly stuff.

As I can’t find any experiences with this on internet I came to ask more professional opinions before really going for it.
I don’t have more specifications right now, like the sizes, thickness, or how strong is it, I can ask later if important. Just know it’s titanium coated instead of silicone.

Theres two kinds of titanium coatings.

First, Titanium Nitride. Looks gold-ish in color. These are very likely to fail and should be avoided.

Second, solid Titanium metal. The only one I know of is the DT Titan. Very good option. I have two myself. Maybe someone is reselling one of these?

Either way, do your homework before buying.

You might be happier with a XG3 v2.

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Just putting this out there and planting a seed with @Amal.

Mabe a larger Custom magnetic encapsulation with some of Amals magic goop.

A larger stronger magnet like this

You sound like the sort of person who would be up for it.

Amal would need to confirm if he was happy to do it though.


Just be careful with larger disc magnets like that. Might be better to do a solid encapsulation like Cassox does then use the DT biopolymer. If they develop a crack the two broken sections will repel each other

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The only problem I could see here would be if you left it on too long you can damage the flesh and it can become necrotic. If it’s just a little while it should be ok but I’d worry about all day video shoots.


I got more infos about it:
It’s N35 (maybe too low, should be N52?), coated in ASTM F136 titanium, the dimensions are 16mmx3mm.
(Picture with my hand for size comparison)

(edit: He bought bought it with another brazilian guy before coming to europe, so not I have no idea how good or bad is this compared with the Titan.)

@ODaily The only info I could get is it is ASTM F136 (implant grade?) titanium… and it is completely silver, no gold-ish. Should I then assume it is the solid Titanium metal?

It is not the Titan, was produced by another brazilian guy (same that did my transdermal horns pieces), but looks a lot similar to a Titan…

By the way, in case I decide to buy a new one instead of using this, how is your experience with the Titan? If it’s on the finger, isn’t it too big? I am still trying to compare it with the XG3 v2, both for a finger trick and also for the chest pendant ideas

@Pilgrimsmaster Wow that’s interesting! Probably would fit much better on the chest as it’s a disc, and also hold easier bigger stuff like pendants, right? How long could I hold stuff on it before start to damage, like 6 min?

Interesting. Still I’d recommend caution. Ideally, I’d say only buy if it’s a screaming good deal, and then be prepared to have someone very knowlegable look it over in a microscope, and perform some other tests before using it. You might just be better off grabbing a Titan for it’s known background.

What about doing an array of titans? I can’t remember who it was that was experimenting with magnets in an array of silicone, Cassox maybe? But what if we made a magnet spacer / holder out of some thin rigid flexible material. You could mount 4-6 titans, and leave space for tissure reattachment in the areas in between. Dip it all in Amal’s Magic Goop.

Got one in my left ring finger, and I’ve got small hands and fingers - my artist was unsure if the magnet would stay inside or be rejected. It stayed, and all you can see now is a tiny bump. After the initial healing period, it makes absolutely no trouble in daily life, other than maybe trying to flip when I get too close to another magnet with it :wink:

Btw, just gotta say it - I seriously LOVE your style! :smile:

edit: oh, and for that one:

I know @Eyeux had one on top of their wrist, but wasn’t really happy with the sensing, if I remeber it correctly. Maybe they can drop in and help you a bit about that.


You do remember it correctly.

At first the sensing was awesome, but very quickly got filtered out as “noise” by my brain and reduced a lot in a short span of time.
I already expected that, but why not give it a shot anyway, right? :sweat_smile:

There it will depend on how are you physically built.
If you have enough fat in the tissue it should be able to hide there nicely, but if you’re the skinny type it can become a permanent visible bump.

There isn’t much in between the skin and the sternum in the middle of the chest.

These magnets are strong enough to hold bottlecaps or strings of clips, but something like a pendant is likely to be too heavy.

One thing is how much weight a magnet can hold directly… another is how much it can hold through a layer of skin.

On the other hand you might think of something magnetic on the cross/pendant, but then you have another problem:

2 magnets would keep attracting each other and squishing the skin between them. With an area surface as small as a Titan, you are then risking breaking the skin and pulling the magnet out with the pendant.

To avoid that you need a large flat area magnet on each side. And even then it’s not recommended to do that for long periods of time or you might damage your skin permanently, or worse…

in short, you’re looking for a larger, flat and thinner magnet, similar to what @Pilgrimsmaster shared, and using a special coating there.

But then you would also need special pendants to make it work, and care not to “wear” them

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Sorry for late answer guys, was avoiding internet after my silicone implants as it was very swollen.

Thank you for the help! I decided to wait a bit more and buy next year the Titan which I know will be something to trust. :heart: Very excited for it in the near future. Will update on the forum when I make it, maybe near to the silicone on my thumb.

Thank you so much @Coma :heart:

Unless you go for the array of titans I think an xG3 v2 is way better suited for what you want to do with it. It is larger and stronger.

But if you’re skinny the center of your chest might be bony in which case a titan will be more resistant to impacts against the bone. Then again how often do you get hit in the chest by a hard objet…

Ah, what did you get? I have one on my wrist and plan on getting one on my finger next year, and yeeees, the swelling is totally annoying :wink: Wish you a good and fast healing time :slight_smile:

Oh, and may I drop this one here?

After taking a quick look at your Instagram, I think you might add a lot to that thread :smile:

I am wanting both one on mz hand or thinger and another on the chest… for hand/finger Titan is the best one for lifting right?
And chest… I am between very skinny and a bit muscular. And slso a pole dancer and circus aerialist, so hitting my chest happens sometimes. Which option is better?

I got thumb spines on both hands… 1 week I coulnt even hold my phone or my PC mouse, healing was very tough tho less painful compared to the transdermals or tongue split. And nice, thanks! I’ll check it :stuck_out_tongue:

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XG3 v2 is stronger for lifting (it is made for that and is bigger) but usually doesn’t fit in the finger. Despite being not bad at lifting the Titan’s main usage is sensing on the fingertips.

Well in that case a custom large flat one could experience stronger forces and break in half like a cookie.
An XG3 I think would survive no problem as long as the imparcts are not bone breaking… But it migh be painful since it’s a small object between a hard surface and you.
A Titan would survive anything really but might be painful for the same reason.

In general there’s not much soft tissue there to cushion the implant at all so a direct hit is risky for it and the bone behind it. If you get one (any) you should be more careful than usual :crossed_fingers:

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This sounds absolutely insane (and terribly annoying until healed :smile: )! Mind to share some pictures?

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