Modified - a thread for everything bodmod-related

Sooooo… I just thought I’ll open this one up. Hope Amal is okay with it, otherwise just close it :wink:

Similar to the derail-thread, this is a place to discuss everything around bodymodification - piercings :needle_custom:, tattoos :cupid:, scars , implants :x_ray_hand: (even those that don’t communicate) and everything else that comes to mind.

Feel free to share your stories, pictures (sfw, if possible :wink: ), experiences, recommend your artists, share your dearest bodmod-sites or books or ideas or ask for help if something goes wrong and you need some totally-not-a-doctor-advice. :x: :man_health_worker: :x:
Or just have a philosophical rant about the meaning of a maori tattoo or the reasons for massive bodybuilding :woman_shrugging:


To get things started… :wink:

I got my first mod, my tongue piercing, when I was 16 - heavily influenced by Prodigy’s “Firestarter” music video I saw some years before. I needed to get the okay from my parents, but that was - luckily - no problem, they always said that they can’t really understand all that, but that it’s my own body and my own decision.
It went surprisingly well, and it was such a wonderful experience, that I got a new piercing every year until the lady who did my first piercings left the studio and it became a place I no longer wanted to visit - I later found out that they had some shady business going on, and the professionality decreased a lot after “my” piercer left, so I took a break of some years.
Some time after that, I found a new studio and a wonderful new piercer, so I got back to my hobby - and Thomas from Anatomie Münster is a really great guy who has lots of creative ideas. From time to time, I just went into the studio and asked him what he thinks would be fitting for my face, and he always had some cool ideas. Especially my ears are some sort of long-term project for us, so… that’s the current state of them:

He also placed three microdermals on my chest, and, to our surprise, they lasted for about 8 years. Of course while being bitchy all the time…^^

Sooo… piercings done:

  • tongue
  • lip (several times, had to take it out for the job, was allowed to re-pierce it, put a second one in for snakebites, had to take one of them out again for the operation of my flexy, will get it back as soon as corona allows it :smile: )
  • outer labia (took it out after some time)
  • right nipple (grew out, sadly)
  • triple vertical helix
  • 3 microdermals (grew out after 8 years)
  • nostril
  • daith, left and right
  • triple upper conch
  • inner conch with ring
  • horizontal hood
  • combined lobe + upper lobe
  • upper lobe tunnel, currently at 6mm


  • septum, if it would be somehow possible to get a straight septum piercing into a pretty crooked septum…
  • tunnel a bit larger, so I can put a nice ring into the tunnel
  • “repairing” the snakebites, so, getting the second lip piercing re-done
  • maybe something labret- / medusa-like… dunno

Figured I’ll be second because why not even though my list isn’t very long :smile:


  • Commissioned a member over on the discord @adiev to design a tattoo I’ll be getting very soon, it is an adorable moth with a wizard hat on
  • Re pierce/stretch ears
  • Once corona has calmed down enough I’d like to get some scarification done at Stigmata Inc in Cologne
    but yeah that’s all I got for now :smile:

Or you could go look at it in the cutest cyborg thread. You don’t escape that easily.

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Completely forgot it was in the pic of my cat :sweat_smile:

Oh my, I think I’m experiencing that too, have since about 4-6 months after I got them pierced. Still, it’s been at least 3 years, so idk if they’ll go away. I look forward to hearing about how repiercing goes, if it goes well I might consider taking mine out, letting everything heal and then getting them done again.

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It was strange as they happened completely separately, first ear started so I removed and actually managed to pop whatever it was with the stuff coming out of the piercing itself, second didn’t do it until almost a month later but not poppable, just went away on it’s own. I’ll def let you know how the re pierce/healing goes though

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are they keloid scars?

it’s very possible they were and I managed to catch them before they became visible

Don’t think so for me, they actually have leaked puss a few times :sweat_smile:

I was able to squeeze puss out of the first one

Other ear however could not give any less fucks about me squeezing it, I even poked it with a sterile needle to see if it would drain that way and nothing

I got given one of these as a Christmas stocking filler one year, It was Fun for 5 minutes…Refilling it was arse painery…


Sorry for your thread @Coma


I shamelessly love popping zits, blackheads, the whole nine

Ah, all fine - it finally feels like a proper DT-thread! :stuck_out_tongue:


Guess I’ll just throw in my next bunch of stuff - tattoos this time, so this one will be quite short :wink:

I wanted a tattoo since I was 15 or so, but I could never really decide on a design. I wanted something that just felt “right”, especially for the first tattoo. The placement had to be perfect, the design itself, the artist…
One day I stumbled across a design on a shirt of one of my favourite bands - it wasn’t a band logo (I would be very careful with tattooing band logos…^^), but just a design from a stylish (though very cheesy) music video, and I instantly felt it was the right design for me. I gave it a meaning, probably a very different one than the band intended, and talked it through with the tattoo artist of my piercing studio - he liked the design and my planned placement in the crook of my arms as well, so… that’s the result:

Yep, it’s basically my profile picture here :wink:
I like the slighty “weathered” look of it, for me, it blends better with my skin and doesn’t sit “on top of it”.
It’s now five years old, and I still totally love it.

My second tattoo is three years old now, same artist (Nico Nomicon), basically a circuit-board-y tree with two big ravens (yep, Hugin and Munin, nordic mythology :wink: ):

Sigh, it’s perfectly straight, I’m just not sitting straight on that picture :grimacing:

Current plan is to cover the whole back, I’m still thinking on how to do it…
I want to have the lower back covered with some underwater-/ cthulhu-stuff, some nice little tentacles waving around, overgrown ruins of R’lyeh and such stuff, but I still have to decide on the middle part, so, how to connect those two themes.

Second thing I still plan on doing is a tattoo on my nape - I have some annoying patch of neurodermitis there, for quite a long time now, and once it’s gone I’m gonna bless my skin with some ink :wink:
The design is already in my head (unfortunately, I suck at drawing…), gonna be some spiral-/circuit-board-y stuff again, consciously inspired by the Altered Carbon “stacks” and subconsciously (found that out a lot later) by my favourite computer game when I was a child.


Reviving this thread.

My stepdaughter is part owner in a tattoo shop, so I will probably have to get a tattoo at some point. Best suggestion so far has been my username and a thistle. I’m also tempted to get a triskele.

Otherwise I am clear of cosmetic modifications ( a bilateral turbinectomy and a septoplasty are the only deliberate modifications)


I bid 20 quatloos on the newcomer!


Nice side-thread idea to the bodmod world!

My left ear is my current project that I started in March. I have to say, the top hole of my industrial is being a little temperamental (much like myself really)!


Current bodymods:

  • xSIID and xLED in L0 - Two days ago!
  • 12g left earlobe (goal 0g) - Started April 2021
  • Conch-to-conch industrial - March 2021
  • Septum - March 2021
  • Tongue - on and off since 2004 (currently in)
  • Bellybutton - 2003
  • Left earlobe - forever


  • Eyebrow - 2004>2006
  • Helix - 2003


  • Implants…
  • Nipple

@Coma You have a really nice set of curated ears. I’m in love :cupid:

I have a deviated septum and got mine done back in March. It’s a real gamble as the artist will have to try to compensate for any oddities going on.

My piercer gave no promises to the outcome and said we could just give it a good ol’ go and see how it turns out.

It came out ok, and better than we both expected. We may have clipped/rubbing against a little bit of cartridge, so healing time has been extended a tad.

If it’s crooked on the first go… Document, remove, heal, round two!