Magnet implant and welding

I’ve been wanting a sensing magnet implanted in my left hand. I’m a welder and frequently weld aluminium with ac current. Would any issues come up between the magnet and the welding current?

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I have a sensing magnet installed (it’s about 3mm x 1mm.) I work at a Makerspace, so I asked the welding instructor your question. We do MIG and TIG welding onsite, and the TIG is AC.

His opinion is that the effect of the magnetic fields will not cause appreciable damage to the magnet or your finger. He noted that the field generated can only lightly disturb iron filings located near the welding site and transmission wiring. It’s extremely unlikely that something that weak could tear the magnet from your finger, although it may generate a small amount of heat and vibrations in the magnet due to the fluctuations. There’s also the possibility that tiny pieces of metal could embed themselves in your finger due to the attraction of the magnet itself (not during welding.) Both of these effects could cause irritation.

I agree with his assessment. I did not get a chance to try it out, because we were closing up for the night. I might give it a go this week, but don’t count on it. If you want to test the effects yourself, bring a tiny Neodymium magnet in with you next time you weld. If you pinch it together between your fingers while welding, it should give a good approximation.

Make sure to report back if you do, for science!


I have been a welder for over twelve years. I have multiple implants throughout both my left and right hands. I have one xG3 installed on the back side of my left hand, towards the knife edge of my hand. I do not have any sensing magnets in my finger tips at this time. I have NEVER experienced anything ‘bad’ such as movement of the magnet causing a burning feeling. I use MIG, and TIG in AC & DC formats in my shop.

The only time that I have noticed the magnet due to welding is the metal filings will accumulate on my hand just above the magnet.


Thanks for the replies. I have an xg3 on the way and a Haworth magnet that I’ve been holding off on until I knew more. I’ll try to get it in pretty soon and update with my experience.