Magnets! Magnets! Magnets! 🧲 ( R&D )

The beginning of the never-ending quest for the supremo subdermal sensing implantable magnet.
( We already have a great lifting magnet in the xG3 )
Driven by community members for community members and the greater biohacking community.

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So, with this being THE magnet thread, there’s probably gonna be a bunch of people who keep discovering it. I think it’d be best to put Amal’s video up here as a great place to understand the history and failures of the magnet implants, before we try to figure a way to work around that. Or at least talk for years to come about working around that. :wink:


This is probably a good video to have up as well. Justin does a good job explaining the pitfalls and what to avoid, so people don’t go buying gold coated magnets and sticking them in their fingers.


Given that we’re going over the basics to give a good foundation, I thought I’d mention the mass problem.

To be an effective sensing magnet, the magnet needs to have a high field strength, which is why N52 grade magnets are used. And, it also needs a low mass, so that it can move easily back and forth when exposed to a field.

This basic concept is the root of the coating problem. You can make high strength magnets, and you can safely coat them. But a SAFE coating ends up being so thick that the overall mass get too heavy and dampens the motion out.

The ideal magnet would be:

  • Small / Light
  • Magnetically powerful
  • Extremely bio-safe.

Right now, you can have any 2 of the 3. Which just won’t cut it.


The M31 of old, was small and powerful. It had good sensing properties. It would also break down the coating in the body and turn into magnetic rust. :nauseated_face:

The Current xG3 (lifting magnet) is Powerful and biosafe (glass coating) But physically largeish and mass-y. The mass dampens out the feel. Some people report some sensing with it, but it’s far far from useable in that regard as a sensing magnet.

This issue (coating safety vs mass) is the one thing that I think really stops development. Crack that code and sensing magnets will probably make a comeback. However, this is gonna be tough.

There may be another solution. Rather than looking for a small implant in the finger, Cass is playing around with magnetic arrays that are coated as one piece and placed in the back of the hand in order to activate more nerves. It looks like an interesting workaround to the mass problem, but it would affect planning future implants quite a bit.

Like these(keep in mind they’re prototypes)


I think Cassox is using PET, but don’t quote me



Naa… pet (polyethylene terephthalate or “pop bottle” plastic) breaks down in the body. It’s some kind of dental plastic usually used to make molds with. He’s also used pmma before (another common dental product), but it has other issues.

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I’m curious where they will be implanted - fingertips are massively innervated, but too small; arms and hands are “easy places”, but not so well innervated… maybe one should put them on the solarplexus? Face? Are there other areas with really many nerves, where they would still prove useful?

Back of the hand maybe?

Thought about that, too, but just considering sensitivity, at least my back of the hand isn’t so sensual at all… it’s okay, somehow, but not nearly as much as several other areas of the body…

It’s only open to a fraction of the population… but… sounds like soon there will be a…

Compass dick?


Why that? I might want to get a compass pussy as well :smiley:
Tbh, would be nice to have that northsense stuff down there^^


Would also only be open to a fraction of the population. I think dick and pussy are different things, in fact it is a bit like Pepsi and Coke, I strongly prefer one, but my dad thinks they taste the same :stuck_out_tongue:



Maybe on the side of hand below the pinky? Or maybe on the palm below the thumb?

By the way can someone explain why Flex and X implants should not be installed on the palm side?

It is a gripping surface. So the risks of damage from crushing it while lifting things and skin shifting around in that area.

Not to mention the healing process is that much more irritating.

Now rethinking it might also hurt more as there’s a lot of muscle on the palm side