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Saw this article.

Basically making permanent magnets out of non magnetic material. First thought… Is it bio-compatible?

I realize there is zilch chance of making a magnetic implant from this. It probably has a teeny tiny little magnetic field. That degrades quickly. And can only be detected on odd numbered days in even numbered years.

But… It gives me hope, plus I like to keep an eye out for tech starting to come over the horizon. Sooner or later something is gonna pan out.


I very much doubt pyrite is in the very short list of biocompatible materials :slight_smile:

Quite possibly because, who woulda thought to try it?
Also this is an example. Same tech should be usueable on a few other materials. Maybe none of that pans out, but then someone comes up with a way to make something else, magnetic. Science is advanced in fits and starts and more often than not, by a mixture of informed guessing and luck.

Hmmm, what if I tried this… Holy Shit, it worked!

The solution to sensing magnets is to get a large company to order 10,000+ titanium coated magnets. No one has done that because there’s not enough of us requesting it and organizing.


I stand behind you on this. Leader @Satur9!!!

I’d take one, too, so I guess we just need 9997 more people to want them :wink:

9997 magnetic Cyborgs on the wall.
9997 magnetic Cyborgs.
Take one down scan it around.
9996 magnetic Cyborgs on the wall!

Actually, I’d take a couple. Heck I’d buy more than I need to help defray out the cost.

Kickstarter? That way money is raised up front. There’s a lot of interest, even in people beyond this forum.


Nice idea! Maybe I can spread a little word in the bodymod-community, magnets are the biggest overlap between both subcultures, I think…
Would be interesting to see how much they would cost…

And how many dozen I’d need to purchase.

I’d get a grip on feasability before I spread the word. You can’t just call Acme Magnets and ask for 10,000 titanium magnets suitable to be used as implants.


Personally, I like the Haworth-style magnets (as they are round and a bit smaller), maybe it would be an idea to contact him? He’s selling them anyway, maybe he would be interested in a “better” coating as well - and he has quite a bunch of customers, so that would help in getting the 10.000 people :wink:

Getting titanium off the ground is a massive undertaking. Both logistically and financially. Simply massive.

Why then would Haworth gut his existing line of profitable magnets that have already had all the work done and are a known process, to support what is essentially a competitor? Even if it all ended up his, then it’s massive work and money, just to sell something he already has.

He already works with titanium a lot, so he knows how to get it, how to process it, all that stuff - maybe one could just talk to him about why he doesn’t yet use it for his magnets, instead of coating them with silicone… maybe there is a reason for it, I don’t know - but that guy knows a lot about implantable stuff :smiley:

I don’t want to be the downer on this. But you can’t jump over all the work in the middle.

To make this happen you’re going to need to organize a team with specific skills. Get them to collabarate and keep them on task.

at a min:

The executive. A person who excels at putting pieces together and overseeing and integrating the work of others.

Money man. Cash rules. You can’t just throw it all in a coffee can.

The Engineer. Especially important to an effort such as this. Engineers tend to have super specific focuses, hence the need for the Executive.

A Communicator. Social Media. Emails. Getting details (correctly) to the press. This person will make or break the rollout. Awesome product or not, people gotta know about it and have a strong positive impression.

You’ll need good people, but still. Better a team of idiots than one lone genius.


Because expertise in titanium coatings will need to be held by the manufacturer. The magnet maker if you will. This isn’t easy tech, and you can’t slap it on like paint.

Sorry, that was a bit of a belligerent drunk post because I’m tired of threads about magnets.

To clarify what I mean by titanium. There’s Titanium Nitride (TiN) coatings which are sputtered onto the magnet and look like gold. They’re super thin, but they always fail alone because of microscopic pinholes.

There’s also been research done into using titanium alloy sheets (probably something like Ti-6Al-7Nb) which would be pressed into the shape of a magnet sized cavity, the magnet would be inserted, then another sheet would be laser welded over top to seal it. This is the expensive larger scale process I was referencing. While it may produce a significantly longer lasting magnet, we would have to do small batch prototype runs (manufacturers hate those) because we’re not sure what’s optimal. We’re talking hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Even if that did work, we may need to do more testing on some kind of passivation layer between the magnet and the titanium alloy shell to prevent unpredictable failure states like those caused by galvanic corrosion.

So suffice it to say that it’s complicated and extremely expensive with a distinct possibility of yieldless failure. Why do you think Amal hasn’t done it yet? There’s more valuable research the community could be spending it’s time on than fixating on the perfect magnet implant when we already have good enough options available. Please don’t tag Amal in this thread. He’s pretty burned out on the whole thing.

Also @ODaily I’m sure this wasn’t your intent, but I perceived some of what you said as really condescending toward Coma for no raisin. Food for thought

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I totally get that, that’s the majority of what’s over on
If Amal’s cool with it, it may be worth starting to redirect stuff like this over there (to research things rather than clogging up a seperate forum with the same repetitive ideas(No offense to @ODaily))
I’m not sure how aware people are of it, but the biohack forums seem a lot less popular, even though they have so much data for stuff like this.


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TBH, I wanted to register there as well, but the forum doesn’t seem to be that active… many threads are massively outdated, and there’s simply not much happening. Guess I’ll log in there when / if I get my northstar, or if I want to get more experimental - but exactly that experimental stuff over there is sometimes a little too much for me, especially when it comes to genetic engineering, drug use and that kind. Not judging, to each his own, but simply not my part of the spectrum.

Mh, and thanks Satur9, it’s all okay :wink: The only part I was a little annoyed by was the

…simply because Steve is working with titanium for some decades, made implants out of it, created his own medical instruments and body jewelry out of it etc. etc. etc. - guess he might know that it’s not like slapping on paint, that’s why I thought of him. :wink:

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You heard what I said.


I get that. I’m waiting to see what the feedback on these new magnet arrays is going to be like, I’m really interested in the custom fittings Cass is talking about right now too. I totally see how that’s not for everyone though.

I was about an hour away from here when I read that, and my first thought was, Ouch.

Then I reread what I’d written.

It wasn’t just condescending, it was rude as hell. There are reasons why I reacted that way, none of which have to do with magnets, DT, or Coma. Especially as how often I’ve invoked community here. No one should have that tone directed at them, especially here, amongst my fellow DT people. Therefore I really need to say two things.

First, @Coma, I apologize. You certainly didn’t deserve that, and it was a shitty thing for me to do.

Second, @Satur9, Thanks. I want to make clear I appreciate the brushback. Should I ever (god forbid) transgress again, please know that I appreciate what is, in simplest terms, an attempt to help me be a better person.