Magnets! (minimum is 15 characters)

Hey, like I already said, not a big thing! I’m pretty new to all that stuff, so I’m definitely not as informed as many here - and still, people in this forum are so much more friendly and welcoming than most I’ve seen on forums so far. Additionally, I’m not a native speaker, so you didn’t seem that rude to me :wink:
And everyone’s having a bad day (or several…) now or then.
So, everything’s fine here, still feeling very comfortable around :slight_smile:


To be clear, I’m fine with magnet prototyping discussion here… let’s keep it confined to this thread though? I’m game to commercially explore any good ideas sorted here.

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Yeah, this was supposed to be about futuretech via magnetizing iron pyrite.

Still that’s futuretech. If it’s gonna be about prototyping, then it’s gonna hafta be about coatings. (or shells)

Agreed, for the R&D side of it… and obviously xG3s should be discussed freely through the forum…

If you are looking at marketing sometime in the future, don’t forget about the magicians, there are heaps of them around :mage:

NEW R&D Specific thread

What did I miss? :eyes:

Opps, Thanks

Loolll why did you make another thread!? That was the one thing he said

Haha it’s fine… I get why he did :slight_smile:

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Sounds like @Pilgrimsmaster needs a nap!

I know, AND I agreed with it !!! but :arrow_heading_down:


Yeah, I can’t expliain the xM3 :man_shrugging: , but I’m looking forward to it’s release :wink:

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