Meet-up/Biohacking Convention Idea

I’ve been thinking, and while I’m sure this would be a big pain in the ass to put together, has DT ever thought of hosting an official meet-up or biohacking convention type of event? Could be a really cool way to share ideas and would probably be a blast.

I’m sure I’m not the first person to think of this, but figured I’d see what y’all thought!


Yep I’ve thought of it haha… maybe an option 2023


I tried setting one up in the Midwest that kinda fizzled, im going to try to commit to show and tell demos at any associated cons I can get into


I tried getting people together for dinner in the SF Bay Area twice. The first time no one replied the second time one person came.


I think, It’s combination of it being a pretty niche community and perhaps the personality types common in our community make future plans a bit unreliable

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I’m hoping we can plan far enough in advance with a good meeting spot for everyone that we can get at least 15… maybe even 20 meat sacks to amble in!


@invalid_signal and I are both in eastern Kansas and would gladly meetup with anyone else in the area.

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As long as it winds up being in the continental US (or really anywhere I guess if the flight price is right…) you can count me in! Perks of working remotely + in a weird industry haha.

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Just leaving this here :point_up:


I may be in the USA in July
Taiwan and Korea

The Cook Islands and Niue earlier in the year (February and March)

In April, I will probably be in Fiji

So if you could plan for any of those…



I could definitely make it out to Iceland! Such an awesome place - pretty cheap to get to from the New York area as well.

Those are on my “interesting anomalous territories” bucket list. :sunglasses:

Definitely Iceland is the top of my pick list. It’s pretty accessible from most of the northern hemisphere, but you poor Aussies and Kiwis are in for a hell of a flight.


So let’s get serious here… I really want to do something early in 2023 and I really think Iceland might be a good place to do it. I think there are even government incentives to bring tourism to Iceland?

Basically I’m feeling like we could put together an event in Iceland with a kind of co-op approach. I don’t want this to be a typical money making conference type event where the end goal is a profit margin on ticket sales. If we plan this out together, transparently, we can put together a true community event.

The alternative would be for dangerous things to present some kind of commercial conference event… but that is a ton of work and at the end of the day, very expensive for participants.


I’ve emailed the tourism board of Iceland to see if there are any government grants or programs we might utilize to subsidize travel or events held in Iceland.


Will be there in December.

I’d be willing to travel, but Iceland is a bit much for me

It is definitely an expensive place.

It’s a simple 34-44hr Flight with a stop over in Doha.


The longest flight in the world by distance is New York (JFK) to Singapore (SIN) on Singapore Airlines clocking in at 15348 Kilometers (9,527 miles)

The Auckland to Iceland flight has a stopover in Doha
Flight distance from Auckland to Doha (Auckland Airport – Hamad International Airport) 14535 kilometers (9,034 miles)

That’s only a difference of around ~800 kilometers (~500 miles)

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What about Hawaii? It’s kind of a middle ground for everyone.

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Hawaii is also very expensive especially early in the year. I remember getting breakfast at a chain restraunt for 4 people was $180 when I was there in January '19