Mega xGLO anyone?

Original xGLO wimpy
Mega xGLO hefty

And yes that’s JUST the Tritium capsule


With the xGLO already being dangerous enough, how would you plan on safely encapsulating this and implanting it?

Seems like WAY more radioactive material than I’d want inside my body sitting in a glass tube.


100% not serious, I have access to some very large tritium capsules, but that stuff is super tracked, and there’s no way they could “just let me have one”
figured it was worth a laugh to see how @amal would react


Probably like this…


You mean tritium? Cause I bought a tritium keychain off of E-bay.

Or is it just the supply you have access to?

I imagine the tritium at his workplace

Actually, with all this NDB shit coming up again, I’ve been thinking about tritium betavoltaics lately.


If you even make one that glows/blinks always, I will be first in line to beta trial it.



If we didn’t have to answer to nuclear gov people, I would have a treasure trove of the pieces that are slightly out of spec… sigh

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I will be setting up a new “tritium waste disposal” business :wink:


You by no means have to answer, but what do yall do with them? I am just curious as I have never seen them in anything besides weapon scopes

I mean… I am retrofitting a large gun safe :wink:

I’m excited about that too, but I can’t get ahold of any of their SMT packages that supposedly exist. There’s also Widetronix

Firefli_Data_Sheet_0.pdf (788.0 KB)

Microwatts… Bleh. You’re selling yourself short.

Aaaaand we are at suggesting plutonium implants…

We skipped some levels lol


I’ve tried asking, but nobody is actually sure how it gets disposed of… it’s mostly just making sure you don’t let orphan children crush and snort it I guess?
Yay bureaucracy


Put me down for second!

see, to me - im old - i barely have the life left in me that would be troublesome - all the bad stuff would kick in past my expiry date!

Hahaha, I have a Ø5mm*100mm tritium rod at home :joy: that’s a huge one :stuck_out_tongue:
Found it at eBay, so it’s not impossible to get your hands on one :stuck_out_tongue:

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Bare glass without treatment will dump beta particles into your blood and bones… we treat the surface and put into another glass ampoule and seal to reduce the ionizing radiation down to background