Melbourne, AU Cyborg Meetup - Monday 16th

Where in Melbourne are you?

I’m up in Shepparton but would love to come down to the next meet and I might come to you to get my head xG3 install done if the local guys are not down for it :wink:

Bring it this evening…?

Looking forward to it! See you all tonight

Man I forgot how shit parking is in the cbd

For reference I’m the guy with the Pelican case lmao

What name is it under

Alice jacka

Sweet, here now

I’ll be there at 10 past, sorry

For us Melbournians/Australians!


How did you fullas night go?

Any revelations?
Any implantations?
who managed to make it?



Shhhhh, Don’t tell Discord

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Guess it’s time to stop ghosting these forums and post for once :sweat_smile:

Hi! I’m Az, also from Melbourne, and have currently have two xsiid’s in my left arm, the next in my right hand and the vivokey spark2 in my left hand.

I couldn’t make it to the meet up, so never wrote anything, but a discord group sounds like a good time if you’d have me :stuck_out_tongue:


Belated, but still deserved


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More than welcome friend!

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Sorry all, crazy week, just catching up on my dose of internet now!

Hopefully can make the next one :slightly_smiling_face:

Can I borrow someone’s of writer? I’m not confident in my proxmark and I don’t want to order a warranty replacement if it’s my fault

I got in touch with fidesmo to create a developer account and they hinted at payments coming to Australia, I know they said “not for implants” but it’s a step at least

maybe not for implants

laughs in DT custom services order