Melbourne, AU Cyborg Meetup - Monday 16th

Hi all,

I’m meeting up with @non-bin in an attempt to revive their NExT T5577 and figured it’s as good a time as any for a cyborg meetup now that its approved to get on the beers.

Monday 16th at 6pm, I’ll be the guy with the MacBook and PM3 Easy at a bar in South Wharf - message me if you’re keen and I’ll send you some more details!

@vampire_blue, @RaptorJeebus, @PulsarForce, and the rest of the people I forgot that live in Melbourne, hope you can make it!

EDIT: Now moved it to the 16th!



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Ayo I’m keen, I’ll bring my pm3 and laptop as well

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Aww whys Australia gotta be so big… I’d come if I wasn’t a 20-hour drive away…


I ain’t ever met an Aussie who drinks Foster’s :rofl:


or been to the outback steakhouse haha


Can confirm, we now drink wanker craft beer from free range breweries and eat our kangaroo raw

I prefer crocodile, personally

Well, yeah, but I cook my crocodile - I’m not a monster!

Of course this meetup may be rescheduled, at the moment we’re in the clear but will have to see if Uncle Dan has other ideas for us.

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Well, we’ll call this one cancelled. Will update this thread once things look good again and we’ll set another date.

everyone getting their shots? I’ll have all mine next week, so hopefully we can at least have a picnic with some beers if the pubs aren’t open

and roasted drop bear

Getting my second dose on the 14th, Member of my household tested positive otherwise it would’ve been on the 1st of oct, lookin forward to the meet though

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Fully AZd and happy to report my blood is clotting at the exact right level!


My second dose has been delayed due to a member of my household becoming covid positive, I have another 2 weeks of quarantine from the 2nd of this month and will be going for jab 2 after that!

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We’re back! I’m getting my second dose in a few hours

We are back! I got my second dose about a week ago!
I was waiting to see how long until this thread was revived lmao

Happy belated freedom day! I would have posted sooner but I was enjoying all that our city being CLOPEN has to offer!

Considering how insane it is trying to get bookings anywhere at the moment, our city’s predictably unpredictable weather, and the 2 weeks before AZ is full effective, I vote we leave it a couple of weeks then get on the beers!

I think that sounds like a plan, provided ol danny boi lets us stay out

yeah good idea