Melbourne, AU Cyborg Meetup - Monday 16th

Sooooooo, bumping this thread to see what people want to do. After we meet up wherever I do have access to a venue with internet and soft drink if we’re stuck on a place to hang out

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Sorry all! Things got crazy! Had a change of role at work and went to full time, so been a bit snowed under.

Perhaps we all come down to your work for a night session, Raptor?

All depends on when we wanna do it, We’re open Friday and Saturday nights for trading but would make it hard for me to hang out, During the week Bossman has said I can use it as a hangout spot if I wish. It’s in West Melbourne on Dudley street.

Lookin forward to hanging out no matter what we do though!

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That sounds good, I’m good for any evening really.
Let’s do a poll! I love poll

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday (can’t do place @RaptorJeebus suggested)
  • Saturday (again, can’t do suggested place)
  • Sunday

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This is just in general, let’s pick a week later

So are we thinking Tuesday as in tomorrow? Works for me because I have to go to the venue anyways and we can either meet there or I’ll meet everyone after O leave

I think I can do that

I’m probably out for this week, it’s a little short notice for me, but don’t let me ruin your fun if theres a few of you who are keen!

How about we say next Tuesday, 7pm ish?

  • In
  • Out

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That one’s a maybe for me, I have audio to do for a funeral so it depends what time that finishes

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that’s not exactly a resounding success,
@Compgeek @Backpackingvet @anon2520759?

Now that I look at how few people have replied this seems a little sad :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought that @backpackingvet was in the US.

Give people a little longer to respond (and perhaps have multiple polls… What days in general are good for people (preferably a multiple choice poll) then of we choose this day, roughly when would people want to meet.

Then when you see that most people think Tuesday at 8pm or Saturday at 11 AM are the best options you can go through and actually suggest a specific date/time (or better a few options).

There will always be someone who says the best time for them is Tuesday at 8pm but can’t make THAT Tuesday.

Also FYI
@anon2520759 is no longer active and now lives in Canada

Sorry guys, been too busy to be active or be able commit. Happy to come along if i happen to be free, but best not to plan around my availability for a while.

I thought the entire point was we were meeting up and you were attempting to unbrick someone’s implant?

If I’m remembering correctly, @non-bin has since sorted their implant out?

EDIT: I am misremembering, progress made and response to commands, but not unbricked yet

I just fixed my other t5577 in my test card, the implant isn’t responding to anything except with a sin wave