Microchip Event in Tokyo (Special guest AMAL)

Hello beautiful people.

VivoKey Japan has now become a legit company registered in Chiba City baby! (the ones who know, know why there :wink: )

We just appeared on the news, and now we are organizing a microchip event in Tokyo.
I know is too far, too sudden or too expensive for some of you to come.
Nevertheless, I wanted to share great news for the microchip implant community.

The event will be 5 hours from 6pm to 11pm on the 10th of March (Sunday) 2024
Amal is on tha house! He will be visiting Tokyo to help promote VivoKey.
We have a small presentation for our current and future projects.

The event will happen in a retro-gaming-cyberpunk style bar.

“Prince Ponyo” will be be performing Live DJ

She has been seen doing Street DJ performances in several streets of Tokyo:

We also will have a few special presents for microchip implant users who come to the event.
Sadly (on site implanting is not possible in Japan, so no chipping party)

The event was first announced with an image of a mail received on a “GaraKe” old flip phone in Japan:

Still working on some details, but will do my best to take photos or videos to share with you guys latter.

Hope it will be the first of many events to come.


P.S. Yes, we are also working hard on more applications and services!


Awesome beaches, but Fuck Disney.

What date?

I love Japan, it’s one of my favourite countries I’ve ever been to.

It’s a great reason to revisit.


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Super excited for this. Wish I could make it but one 14hr trip in the air was enough for me with the kids this year…


I even bought new dorky shoes for the trip!


Show and Tell…


Please be hey dudes…


My guess are Crocs…

You can’t see me crocs to be specific



Your picture is blank man


wrong answer lol, I’ll give you a hint, “night city”

Crap I shared so much and forgot the date, lemme try to edit it in, is in March 10th. (Sunday)

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i honestly almost got some… but they sketchers slip-ins hhaa… figured I’ll be in Japan so I need something I can take off and slip on easy. Here I lace up my late 40s dad New Balance and wear them like Kevlar gloves until it’s bedtime.


I think I got it…
Very clever

That might just be possible for me

I see mario karts in our future

I do have a driver’s license but tourists have to bring some type of permission unless they are from a country that drives on the “wrong” side of the road like Japan. Or something like that.

I haven’t read all the details but here its their website, they do have English support too:

Here is the driver’s license requirement thingy:

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New Zealand also drives on the left, but I think I still need an International Driver License, that’s why I didn’t do it last time I was in Japan.

International drivers licenses are easy to get, In fact I have one that I got for Taiwan last year, but that expires soon™

FUCK… SOON™ Expires on the 6th

Mar 06!? Hahaha hurry up and come! Amal will be here by then, Ah but Amal don’t have international diver’s license huh.


@amal they’re 20$ and issues same day from AAA offices. Just need to bring a passport photo


I’ll unfortunately miss the event by a few months. I’ll be in Japan for 3 weeks in May / beginning of June. If anybody wants to meet up for a cyborg drink, they’re welcome to shoot me a DM :beers:


It’s like McDonald’s is trying to prepare me hahah


This is crazy! I’m actually going to be in Japan starting March 8th, but sadly I’ll be heading out of Tokyo on the 9th so I’m going to miss it! Super cool that I’ll be there at the same time as Amal though.


It’s not…

But other commitments that I can’t get out of say No…Well I COULD, but that would leave other people in the lurch.

I even found a few really well priced flight options, which was surprising for such short notice.

Amal, enjoy the Toilets…

@RyuuzakiJulio good luck with the event

I have been away and just got back yesterday, I’m away next week for a couple of days, but then…Maybe…