Microchip pain & Odd feeling?

Hey there people!

I have a question for you. I’ve had a NEXT Microchip implanted ~1 year ago and it was fine for a long time until a few weeks ago when I noticed that it started to feel weird and hurt when doing certain movements like groping things. The pain is not constant and it’s not actually in the area of the chip, just around the proximity of the insertion. There is no swelling or any sort of negative reaction, just some pain, which in some cases it stings like hell! Not sure what to do about it, leave it or have it removed. Unfortunately getting it removed is currently not possible for me.

Also, the implant doesn’t stand still, it actually moves with the hand as in, it can be straight if my hand is straight or it tits if I open my hand, is that normal?

I’ve attached an image below. The green line is the initial point of insertion, red is the chip and orange is the vein.


To answer you question, Pain is not usual or good, sometimes people might experience some discomfort when / if it their implant migrates, they either get used, it corrects itself or they remove it.

You may need to remove it, but hopefully we can give you a couple of things to try first.

If it was me, I would wait until it was in a position you wan’t it to be, or manipulate / move it if possible, then try to corral it ( block the movement ) with a match stick / toothpick and take some prenatal vitamins, and hope it encapsulates it.

Regarding the vein, I wouldn’t worry about that too much, they are pretty rubust little buggers, But it does look close to the bone!?

You NExT has rotated and moved a lot, hopefully you can move it to a better location.

Regarding removal of the NExT, if you HAVE to due to pain etc. Don’t try and do it on your own, especially with the vein so close.
If you cant get to a piercer, can you get to a medical practioner?
Worst case scenario, if you NEED to remove it, get somebody to help.
I have had somebody help me to remove & move 2 implants (A flex and a Spark) both very easy, but better if with a helper than doing it yourself, and better again with a professional

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You’re english is really good mate, just some funny things for my sense of humour…

Thanks for the tips, I appreciate it! I’ll actually try and manipulate it and move it in a better position, hopefully it will fix the issue.

Haha yes, I didn’t double check the post so there have been some mistakes, glad I could make you laugh tho!

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Also, I meant to link this for you, but got busy

added this for clarity on the corraling

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It sounds to me like your body is putting it where it “Fits” best.

My NExT also was painful in the opposite of you. It always stung and was noticeable, it bothered me so much I almost took It out.

It finally after 1.5 years settled in. It no longer bothers me.

I bet/hope the pain stops within a few weeks.


I second this. The body is weird, it will do as it pleases.

Also, for reference, this is my experience with my NeXT migrating.

(edit) weird that that was almost 2 years ago. Deeply deeply weird.

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Nerves are the slowest things to heal usually. This could simply be a nerve at the incision site reconnecting, but it needs some time to get it right.