Microchiped or frequencies, mindreading, 24/7 followed or watched

How sweet! Coming from some gang stalkers themselves! Gang stalkers that supply the government that illegally implant targeted individuals! Hmmm and you people make chips and implant for the world, really? The hole world is totally screwed!
P.S. I did ask for help months ago. You people sent me some bs email. Telling me for around $1145.00 you could remove them but only if a dr. said it was a threat to the human body or the government gave the ok. I didn’t ask for this, I never wanted it! I didn’t even know I had any foreign objects in my body. I went to the hospital 4 months ago because I thought I was drugged. Come to find out I was and had foreign objects in my body! Tranquilizers to be exact. My arm wouldn’t heal and whatever idiot put the implant in me, apparently they didn’t do it right. I simply wanted to know, if you would be so kind and remove it. You already answered the question. Stop playing ignorant. You already know I have a few of your implants in me. Play it off as I’m crazy, Dan. You of all people know I’m feeling the truth. Best of luck to you. Andrea, aka yourwrong. I think I’m changing the username, to Imright!

Whoops, telling the truth.

I really am! Thanks to all my fans/gang stalkers! So of my fans being you people. If I wasn’t telling the truth, you wouldn’t be responding back! Would you Dan? Now, Danny boy, everybody knows about targeted individuals and gang stalkers! It’s the 21st century!
P.S. You know I’m telling the truth, and that’s why you have your parties in an uproar!
From: Andrea aka Imright.

Read around this forum, its pretty obvious we’re a bunch of nerds looking to do cool things, and not some malicious group


I’m responding back because I’m bored at home sweetheart. Like I said, you’re really not that special.

Not sure what you’re rambling on about now though because I’m a Brit living 3000 miles away from your government, so not quite sure how I’d be helping them out. Oh wait, I know: it’s the NwO right? Too sweet!


You got that spot-on: you’re feeling a truth, but the truth you’re feeling isn’t reality.

Do yourself a favor and go see a mental health professional. If nothing else, ask them their opinion on what you believe is the truth and nothing else. See what they reply. It doesn’t hurt to have a second opinion does it? All it’ll cost you is one sitting with them - certainly less than having useless X-rays done, or some con artist remove a phantom implant you don’t have.

As a side note, I wonder: if you’re so convinced DT or we are part of a nefarious plot to implant you against your will, why do you ask us to help you? It doesn’t make much sense now does it? Think about it.

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Hmmm! That was great answer, pumpkin pus.



Hi, I am Samuel by name
I think I have been implanted with a micro chip without my consent . I live and study In Nigeria ,a student of psychology (fuck my school though) I have been living with this nightmare for more than 2yrs now and it has been causing hallucinations, thought that are not mine I hear them a lot, fear and it’s components, suicidal thoughts which sucks the most but I saw your discussion on mircochipping and I seriously need your help I am tired of being somebody’s lab rat please get back to me. Thanks

Hi Samuel. Sorry you are struggling so much.

This community is full of enthusiasts in implant technology. There are no implants that could cause your symptoms that we are aware of. If there was this kind of technology we would definitely be leveraging it ourselves. Having a few implants myself I can guarantee if you had something like this you’d know about it, there rather large and cause a fair bit of trauma and swelling.

Either way you should speak to a doctor as it is likely the symptoms you are experiencing are caused by a undiagnosed psychological condition. A doctor could also perhaps help you get an x-ray as implants light up on them very well so that might help you trust that there are no implants.

Not calling you crazy, just explaining that the current technology can’t do what you are experiencing and that your symptoms are caused by something else that you should get help for.


Hi Samuel. Nice to meet you! I’m sorry to say, but you dont have a chip in your head. It may feel like you do, but you don’t. Besides the fact that tech like that doesn’t exist, its improbable you were chosen specifically. Now I’d suggest looking for a mental health professional, they know way more than me and are experienced with cases like yours. If you can’t find one locally, try looking for an online therapist service. I hope you find yourself well in the future.


Hey! just out of curiosity. does anyone know if these guys have been blaming microchips on corona? like i know the (mentally ill) have been blaming 5G so was interested if they also thought they got corona coz the “gang Stalkers” put it in them via their “devil implant”

Didn’t feel this needed its own thread so im just chucking it in the pits.

It’s not mentally ill people who blame stuff they don’t comprehend on other stuff they don’t comprehend, it’s ignoramuses - something the US is replete with. High-school-level knowledge of biology and physics is quite enough to dispel any myths about RFID “tracking”, mind reading, alien technology, 5G-caused coronavirus and other such bunk.

Mentally ill people - and religious freaks, which are a subset of that group - don’t think rationally, and that’s another problem altogether.


Ok, imagine this. Im here drinking my coffee and this thread pops up again. Man this is so interesting to read. I love coffee :stuck_out_tongue:


Speak to a doctor. There is no way you’ve been secretly microchipped - they’re too large for you to not be able to physically feel it afterwards and cause too much trauma to your skin for someone else to not be able to see it.

If you’re having suicidal thoughts then see a professional. The internet is not your friend and you won’t find the help you need online.

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I kinda disagree ,I am sure I have a chip somewhere I just haven’t seen it yet, I might not be able to get the help I need from you online but I think I will get it still ,I mean this shii causes hallucinations even without the influence of drugs ,i guess you wouldn’t understand but thanks anyways. Can microchips be discover with an X-ray?

They show up REALLY well on x-rays, yeah. So pretty easy to get a doctor to help check for them and get whatever help you need at that point.


As @SammichBrad said, yes they show up clearly

images (67)

Yes, please do get help

Buddy, you don’t have an implant, even if you did have one, they can’t/ wont cause hallucinations.

Hopefully once you have had your X-Ray, you will see you don’t have any implants, and the doctor will be able to send you to somebody than can help you.

Good luck my friend


@Dan_UK is quite right: The Internet will NOT help you here. This is for a few reasons.

  • First, it’s simply not real. An x-ray will reveal that to you. I know you don’t want to believe us, but trust us, the technology you’re suggesting simply doesn’t exist.
  • The Internet is full of people with similar mental health concerns who have no idea what they’re talking about, but speak with the power of their convictions, making them believable.
  • Finally, the Internet is also full of people who, for reasons of profit or to sew chaos want to make you believe that you’re right.

Regarding your ideas about implants, here are a few items that might help you evaluate other possibilities:

  • The implants are simply too small to contain chemicals or an independent power source. Anything large enough for this would be easily noticed below the skin. Even our implants can often be seen or felt beneath the skin. I can easily feel all four of mine without any significant pressure or the like.
  • To generate any kind of electrical signal, these chips require an external power source (in the case of DT chips, this is a radio frequency which puts out a MINUSCULE response pattern, and the most powerful readers are only good for a few feet tops). Therefore, it has no chemical or electronic frequency it can output which would possibly interfere with your mind.

There is no evidence whatsoever (by this, we mean scientifically speaking all evidence presented has been weighed and discounted) that EM radiation can cause hallucinations, and again, even if it could, what these chips put out would be far too low to be anywhere near powerful enough to cause mental disturbances.

I realize this is not the answer you are looking for, but if you’re in school for a medical science, then you should know that you do not approach a problem looking to prove a cause: You must evaluate the evidence and follow it to its conclusion, even if you don’t like where it is taking you. You have a mental health problem and you need help. The BEST part of this is that it’s probably just a chemical imbalance, and medicines may clear it up for you with minimal side effects.


Whoa! Thanks for the moral support guys I still do believe that my claim are true can’t wait to prove it to you as clear as daylight.