Microchiped or frequencies, mindreading, 24/7 followed or watched

Here educate yourself what do you know about the Neuro dust transmitter they invented at US Berkeley in 2016 for computer to brain interfaces modulations systems?? What do you know about Dr SHarp 1974 electronic mind control patent where he controlled a bull with electronic shock pressing a button!! Or 1946 Russia 5g mind control technology patent!!? See your not as educated as me so if course the first response is denial or unbelievable but your just not as highly intelligent as me and can’t comprehend something you don’t understand cause you never looked into it or study it!! People are so dumb but smart these days!! Who ever controls frequency controls the population controls the world buddy!! In Search Of: The Dark World of Mind Control (S1, E7) - YouTube

If you want to know the secrets of the universe think in terms of frequency vibration energy thoughtful words of Tesla I would add electricity light/Atom’s sound and geometric formations to that quote! Know everything on the electromagnetic spectrum can be weaponized and manipulated so you can actually contro and influence the human brain with frequency so who ever controls frequency electricity light vibration can alter it for mind control and who ever controls it controls the population controls the world!! That’s the secret of the universe Tesla was trying to hint to us in that quote!!!

I think that this video might help a person or two…

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check out encapsulation and the long term issues itpresents…its when your body healing around sensors terminal. Which evidently stops them from working…that hasnt been solved yet…where do you think the nerolink monkeys are now? as for sharp. You can steer anything living thing using electricity. Pain is a great source of encoragement. We personaly made rc cockroaches for fun using arduino parts… Berkley were very clear on their limitations of the hardware and even spoke on encapsulation. As for weaponising the everything in the emf spectrum… i challange you to weaponise the colour pink. :slight_smile: oh and i forgot to ask. What makes you think your “worth” non conceptually chipping. Are you Goverment offical? Head of security?. Have access to discount codes? And lastly. i hope you didnt pay money for that scan and doctored it your self. Because if you did pay someone to hscarda scan you. More fool you.


They got your brain!


I wonder if DT can make a “everything” bundle

Heck you could even fiit a proxmark and drop the cord out your nostrils


Goddammit, now I want an implanted Proxmark! I hope that the flexProxmark will be released Soon™


None of it’s true are you a idiot or just not educated!! Here let me prove everything I say!! Learn the technology they have today and are using today don’t be so quick to discredit my intelligence and assassinate my character!! Here for you highly intelligent idiots learn something!! Dr James Giordano modern brain institute and Brain Initiative Dr. James Giordano: The Brain is the Battlefield of the Future - YouTube

Oh so here to all the people who said we don’t have that technology you guys are uneducated idiots!! 6 years ago US Berkeley university of California invented the smallest Neuro dust transmitter for computer to brain interfaces!! Proof New “Neural Dust” sensor could be implanted in the body - YouTube

Just so you are aware, you just did the exact same thing right here :arrow_heading_down:


I’m not sure if you are aware, but you just replied to yourself


Growing human Neurons on a computer chip for computer to brain interfaces Growing Human Neurons Connected to a Computer - YouTube

RFID chip can do more than you think if you study Radio signals everything can be weaponized on the electromagnetic spectrum!


Maybe we could both expand our horizons and get educated.
I’ll tell you what.

If I promise to follow all your links to the videos and documents.
Will you promise to go to your GP and discuss your claims.


That’s great news because the people who did this to me got the chips from this website!! Using voice to skull technology and gps RFID tracking chip and derect energy microwave weapons the gangstalkers herrass me 24/7 I’m sick of this game they play ! The CIA is getting involved there are over 170 CIA agents going through the same symptoms called Havana syndrome !Officials say 130 suspected victims of possible energy weapon - YouTube

Holy shit, dt sells both voice to skull and gps tracking chips?? Bro chuck us the link, I want my family to know where I am at all times, that sounds safe af!


So we have a deal then?

You tell me when you have booked an appointment with your doctor and I’ll start my research on your links.
Speaking of which
You replied to Zwack

He has a degree in applied Physics, so hopefully that helps him at least a little bit in his research, but we all know what Richard Feynman says about education…


I love the quote of his that you posted. It reminds me of the dumbest person I’ve met… A guy with more degrees than a thermostat who could not articulate ideas clearly.


And here I was thinking of the inverse square and the power of a radio wave being propagated.

Those RFID chips are going to need a hell of a signal to transmit over a reasonable distance. Or we use directional antennae and make sure that the implantees always keep them pointed in the right direction.

That won’t be suspicious at all.