Microchiped or frequencies, mindreading, 24/7 followed or watched

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keep your crazy ass in the crazy thread sir


Where having brunch at Epsons house with the x secret services bill gates and Elon musk make sure you bring your lotions and chips

I have my “Epsons” right here

and honestly, your trolling is, AT BEST


Who let @Bossalini in here?

I couldn’t understand the rest of your post as it’s poorly written… However, some of us do get around. And scheduling DnD sessions is even harder than normal when you’re changing timezones…


@Pilgrimsmaster when does this kind of thing get brought to a close and he gets banned? I’m not seeing a valuable contribution to community coming out of this guys mouth-asshole any time soon


Feels like an ai being fed rotting beef carcasses. Time to go.


Gotta be honest, after I was done with the Iceman threads, this thread is pretty much the only other I’ve been following :rofl: This latest guy is batshit! His link is just a theoretical bioethics video.

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You know The called all the great Genius crazy to list a few socrates plato aristotle Einstein Bohr Tesla Hawkings

1974 Electronic mind control using electronicmagnetic waves patent by Dr SHarp using electronicmagnetic waves to control a bull!! There’s also1946 Russian patent using 5g frequency for mind control !!! There another one using a wireless system by using your DNA sequences as Antenna and your frequency thumbprint for Directly pin pointing your location using a signal from a satellite or tower can remote control you through the ion’s in the ionosphere!!!

I don’t feel like you are one that can actually have a *rational conversation but what the hell

You understand that patents in no way mean anything can work?

Honestly, I’m beginning to think your just some
Kind of chatbot like R used to claim

You seem to string together a suprising number of popular hysteria tag words into a mess of a post

Just for shits and giggles… do you know what 5g actually is?… what kind of htz are we talking?

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If these things were real we’d know about them because it’d be making some company a lot of money. Imagine how much people would pay to pin point track their kids/spouse/elderly parents/pets from space like that. If it was real we’d know about it. But it’s not, so please stop with the conspiracy theories my guy. We are all just on here to have a good time and talk with friends about cool implants. This just isn’t the forum for the topics you bring up, you know?

Why are Tesla cars always gangstalking!!! Data collector’s using the combination of Lifi LED light and opticgenetics and nanoparticles controlling the nano with bio photon light I believe or maybe there just giving us all cancer with gamma ray light like chemotherapy!! Population control!!?

And yet you’re willing to brave led light from your screen and internet gangstalking to come here and say this…

@Pilgrimsmaster this ones got your name on it


Didn’t Elon say the biggest thread to humanity is population collapse?

And if Tesla’s did population control the guy wouldn’t have so many kids! If anything it seems like it makes you more fertile.

What the hell… I’ll bite

Show me

Show me

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Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence

There’s a patent from 1437 to mind control people into thinking mind control is real using moon dust


100% convinced that it is. Posts are not coherent in the slightest, all the buzzwords and the consistent mis-capitalization of “Dr SHarp”

Big :triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post:


Whi out there can help me build an RFID ZAPPER WITH DISPOSABLE CAMERA. I willll pay yoy. Please advise. Thanks

Just buy a nfc kill

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