Microchiped or frequencies, mindreading, 24/7 followed or watched

Firstly, ( although you have already been answered ) Why do you want one?

Answered by whom?? I would just like to have ihandy. That is all. Can U help?

Is it secured and safe close to human tissue?

Do you currently have any implants?
If so, rather than kill it, would you not prefer to just remove it?
If you want to remove it, what is the issue? do you need a hand with something, do you have questions we may be able to help with?

Believe me, i think i should just own one, have with me readily available.

Single cam 300 v. VS NFC 1600v. Scary, is not?

I have no idea what your talking about

This is the “I think I’ve been microchipped against my will” thread

So I assume you believe this to be the case, wether you’ll admit it or not

So either
Buy a nfc kill, which will kill the microchips… and then everything should be totally normal

Or buy a nfc kill, it doesn’t change anything because the microchips weren’t real, and seek medical help

But given this thread, I’m sure you’ll come up with some door number 3

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How would you apply NFC KILL to body section?
Can you advise!

Knock Knock

Sorry, I don’t believe you
No you shouldn’t

How would you apply NFC KILL to body section?
Can you advise!

You are looking to spend money on something you really do not have a need for.


I can’t advise when you haven’t given anything to advise on

I’m also not *qualified



I mean, NFC KILLER is stationary. On surface , that is.
Camera EMP is hand controlled. That is why I m inclined for the zapper. My ? Is, how would you use NFC KILL on body parts?

Why would you need to?

Because it was you who recommended getting the NFC KILL. How would you use it on youtself? Thats
Just tech question.

Why would I use it on myself?
There’s no point is destroying a implant,
Just don’t use it… they are passive and incapable of any function when not pressed against a reader

I paid good money for my inplants

Do you believe you have an implant? @PALDAGUAO

I believe in ducks :duck:

And toasted bread :bread:

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