Microchiped or frequencies, mindreading, 24/7 followed or watched

That reminds me of a James Acaster stand up routine. Bread research.

As a part of his 4 Part “Repertoire” series
The final Part “Recap”

Approximately 5:30 into it (not a link below, just a screenshot)

Haha my friends and I used to do this when we were kids. Except we didn’t call it an ‘rfid zapper’, we called them ‘tasers’ (I’m in the UK so closest we could get’). Had hours of fun shocking each other and i can confirm i experience no mind control. I can’t be arsed to tell you, I’m sure it’s on youtube. Alternatively take some wires off an electric fly swat and enjoy applying to different parts of your body. Same thing. Guaranteed to destroy non existent rfid mind control chips. BZZZT


You know, the RFID was originally used to heat Caprisuns during the Southern Pacific Parch of '16, ultimately causing the Kool Aid Man to burst through a brick wall that fateful day.


Forgot what thread we were in. For a minute I was like “what is this guy smoking?”


Sadly, it doesn’t work that way… In fact it’s not going to do anything at all.

That was my round about point

They clearly believe they have implants causing issues

I suggested they just buy a nfckill, because when it DOESNT relieve what ever symptoms they believe to be caused by implants….

Then maybe there’s a chance they would accept it as “proof” it’s not caused by implants….

But I expect door number 3 as usual

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And I was joking about this comment:

In all honesty, I’m not expecting much from the “I got implanted against my will” crowd. Proving that the available technology can’t do what they claim or that they don’t have a chip to begin with is unlikely to change their minds.

Pretty much everything this is… but hey, it’s a new shot in the dark… I figure maybe since they won’t listen to us…. There’s a 2% chance they will question if it’s an implant, when the implant killer doesn’t work

The new one who’s circling the drain of this thread…. Definitely a different cookie, but I did a few bored googles… definitely not a troll…

Understood. But in case you wanted to destroy it, hiw would you use the NFC KILL on human tissue.its just tech ?

How so?

Oh,ok. Thanks for ur contributions in this matter.

An NFC KILL won’t harm human tissue so you can use it on yourself if you want. And it could theoretically destroy NFC implants.

I don’t want to take a sale away from NFC Kill, they appear to be a good company.
I also don’t want you to waste money on something you don’t need, especially where that money could go toward the root cause of you concern, and pay a therapist.

But to simply answer your question

Here is a video of Equipter killing his xSIID implant


Here’s how to make RFID nanoblock slime. Make powdered meteorite dust or purchase it from your local mystical store. You need only a pinch, it’s highly effective stuff! Add a tablespoon of Borax and three drops of contact lens solution. Using non-toxic glue as a base in a plastic bowl, use a Popsicle brand stick (preferred with a dad joke), taped to a quartz crystal and stir rapidly to activate nanoparticles. For exterior use only. Use food grade color and glitter as desired.

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Apologies for causing offense or coming off as anything more serious than a ruined mucky mess of macaroni and washable glue. I’ll leave it to the community with edits TBD.

I use an implanted RFID and an external RFID in my magic ring every day to access my home. Someone else has a matching ring, and it is representative of a promise. Like yeah, that product might work, but maybe let’s all not recommend that product in this particular thread. I don’t want someone running around destroying stuff they don’t understand. It might not be my implant they fry, but I understand how special these RFID things can actually be to someone else.


OMG voice to skull interface!! They have a name for that. They are called “ears”. I’m dieing. :joy::joy::joy:


Hey there


I need advise please… this shit is killing me and it driving me insane…someone chiped me and have no 1 that believe me what I’m experiencing… people please I’m living in South Africa. Can someone advise me.

Someone try killing me…

First of all that technology does not exist and if it did then it would be extremely expensive. Like country funded expensive. So you need to ask yourself a question. Are you a major political figure, CEO of a large company, a main player in the world of terrorism, or do business with extremely wealthy individuals? If the answer is NO then you should immediately seek assistance from your local therapist and psychiatrist


The people at this phone number will be far more helpful to you than we could ever be

LifeLine National Counselling Line:
0861 322 322


Is this thread stil active ? Ggrreenn I hope I can get a response for you. I need help. Don’t understand what’s happening to me other than pretty much everything I’m reading here about gangstalking and nobody in my life believes me or will help me or even listen to the thousands of hours audio I have catching the voices talking. Whispering; the birds chirping the cats screaming the dogs being tortured the sex porn audio my survielence caught the three days id be put out to sleep , THREE DAYS THEY WOUKD KNOCK ME OUT COME IN AND OUT OF MY HOISE talk to my dog by NAME doing good knkw s what to me cuz they jammed the visual I only pick up bits and pieces of these men in my home. Everything I have is hacked z they can see my every move hear every word know my every step like they sneak behind me in my own home I can’t take it no more I can’t ficking take it. They harmed my child and he is too scared to admit it, he ended up having a seizure and suffers from epilepsy at the age of 16 out there fucking blue for no reason I can’t do it anymore. They harm my dog poison his feet somehow, ran him over with a huge van after he “got lose” (I suffer from ptsd from being kidnapped and almost murdered human trafficked used real forms of torture on me I had no heart beat, my pit bull is a rescue he was abused and he doesn’t leave my side I am annoyingly protective over him so he didn’t “get lose” they fucking smoked him with a huge van, he now has three legs 33 thousand dollars to keep him alive and he is viscous as fick towards ANYBODY who comes through my door so i knkw they sedating him as well: but his feet turn to blisters he can hardly walk he’s always looking up at the ceilings he hears the birds and cat noises too I can’t take this and I don’t want to end up dead or them hurt anybody else I love. My boyfriend turned into a complete mental pateient I didn’t knkw what was happening and jt scared me and my son I kicked him out and it’s been 11 Months since and he is almost a vegetable now. Cant walk. Cant hold a phone to type can’t feeed himself. And it’s been happening g me for almost three years, and him as well. Our bodies vibrated. We thought it was our bed. Our eyes WOUKD shake and we felt like we were not on this planet anymore we were floating like we were zapped (this happened to is before we even met each other, his brother was murdered (police say overdose i day bullshit and wont stop uncovering who killed him) but he was murdered almost 3 years ago and hrs been happening since. I met his brother and we started dating a year after his death. And we both had similar stories. Now he is about to die I think. Someone please fucking help me . Please.