Microchiped or frequencies, mindreading, 24/7 followed or watched




This has been asked a lot here. I dont have the means to link.

But long story short, no. If you genuinely feel something was implanted, go see a doctor and tell them every reason why.


Can someone pierce someone’s ears without consent? Technically… but it ain’t going to be a secret

It’s no different, and there’s no point

As for tracking or anything nefarious?
There’s no point, it can’t do anything like that… there are laws of physics limitations that would prevent something like that from working even IF one had access to the best tech

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If there was a chip that allowed GPS tracking and it was so small it could be implanted I’d be the first person to put up my hand to get one.

I mean there are loads of GPS tracking devices out there that cost a bunch of $$$ and then you have to pay a subscription service. They are sold to hikers but they require batteries and are no where even close to being implantable.

Let’s face it, if this tech did exist then there would be massive commercial applications for it and nobody would be keeping it a secret. Imagine being able to implant GPS tracking into a herd of cattle. Why would anybody bother with Apple Airtags or other BT location tags when you could add a tiny ‘undetectable’ chip to your wallet, keys, glasses etc and then know their GPS location at all times.

If there were options to have people GPS track you and talk to you or see what you see then every frontline infantry soldier would have this tech implanted.

I don’t have much money but if anyone on here ever manages to invent an implant with such capabilities then pleeeeeeaaaasse let me know because I want to invest.


Never even thought of the military applications…

Yea that’s a trillion dollar industry, and they aren’t really even interested in implants for anything… that should tell you something

I’m watching you.

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You a peeping Tom type of guy in the tree with binoculars lol you should look up James walbert case fist chipped RFID case of mind control technology to win in the United States of America because of him there 21 laws against you wierdos who stalk people and biohack people because you have no life deep down inside you feel you want to be apart of something cause you where born a loser you don’t scare nobody man you probably play video games all-day I bet you love talking shit but when it comes down to it one on on one with just fist :facepunch: you would get tko :joy::joy:

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Look bud, I’m not your enemy, Clearly you got some issues going on and you need to seek psychiatric help.

Please stop messaging me this crap,
Nobody on here is intimidated by you,
I hope you seek help and there is a positive outcome with your case.


Oh, that’s not gonna help.

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Get some professional help, You really need it



I have no time to play videogames because I need to illegally biohack people. Sorry.


That would make a great tattoo.

Excellent trolling.


They’ve probably been posted here before, but I came across a couple VICE videos that give an interesting glimpse into the condition that the people in this thread find themselves with.

I don’t know if there’s any easier solution than further destigmatizing mental health disorders, and making it more clear to everyone that our brains can and will fabricate things that can feel very, very real. When being “crazy” is seen as such a bad thing and everyone tells you that’s what you are, it makes sense why many don’t listen.

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