Microchiped or frequencies, mindreading, 24/7 followed or watched

“Book coming soon” tipped me to think there may be a problem.

Go see the doctor

Some stuff are pretty horrible, sadly many of it happens in real life. Some things could be even reverted, but I such failure at communications, that it probably will be more easy to be useless cripple or just die than do some actual work. However you probably don’t understand what a sad place our universe for me already, and yet every day I make an attempt to at least somewhat function, my mental processes is already rigid, and though process under stress is just awfully, I function but number of errors is sky rocketing and I don’t appreciate “fun” stuff other people find funny. But I don’t joke about work that helps people. I won’t do anything without actual consent if you allow me to work from quiet place.

Do you even understand how much in life some people have been bullied. And betrayed. For what? just people did not liked them. There is difference between showing respect to someone in very idiotic way, and just torture people. I suffer a lot, without outside help, I suffer. When you prostate was hurting so much that you had to sit for 10 minutes on toiled just too pee at the middle of the night?

That sounds bad but why “no outside help”?

You guys isn’t being followed or watched like here in Qatar we have here CCTV/Infared everywhere in the roads and recently installed a [According to a news article from The Peninsula Qatar, new traffic radars have been installed across Qatar to ensure traffic regulations ] but the real purpose of this one is to track every citizens like when in covid-19 hit we got an application that you need to have to enter any buildings or malls or events. I even got a friend who is a system engineer for this he said that they input or track every plate number of the citizens in the database so that when they are shown in the CCTV their plate number will be automatically associated with the owners or the drivers, the airport here too is so high-tech we even got face recognition/biometrics /RFID in passport even back in 2012, even the companies here are researching the use of hydrofuel and renewable energies because of the WEF green economy regulations. (Newly-installed radars to deter traffic violations across Qatar | The Peninsula Qatar)1. These radars can monitor drivers who are overspeeding, using a mobile phone while driving, or not wearing seat belts 1. The Ministry of Interior (MOI) has reminded the public to adhere to traffic rules to ensure road safety and reduce accidents 1.

I think that’s the point of license plates, identify the vehicle and the owner.

I’m not sure if you’re saying this as a positive or a negative.

What’s the state of biohacking and implants in Quatar?

It’s Sharia law here in Qatar so these things are banned here, but I got family connections so I can do things like that here but it is still not recommended and I’m also a migrant so I can get imprisoned or cut my hands etc. the RFID are mostly in cards/passports, no invasive implants here or biohacking or Crispr (genetic engineering). Also, cryptocurrency is recently banned here too.

Do you enjoy living there?
I’ve only been there once but I enjoyed it.

Did you come here because of the FIFA 2022? It’s mix for me etc. sometimes good, sometimes bad.

So is this comment from your bio about that part of the world?

hot from 50 Celsius temperature, high humidity at 90% during evening and reading of indoors of 800ug/m3 pm2.5/10 and CO2 to 2000ppm

That’s a lot of CO2! Also, are you from the gulf or from further afield?

No, a good few years before that.

Also visited Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Oman during the same trip.

Yeah, there are pretty strict rules/laws, but as long as you are aware of them and respect them, basically don’t be an arsehole, they were all great places to visit.

With regards to your comment about tracking vehicles and people.
That’s a larger discusion,But, correct me if I’m wrong, maybe because of that, Qatar has a VERY low crime rate ( and the other countries I mentioned above )

All the people were very friendly and generous.
There was obvious division in wealth, and some things I didnt agree with, but thats their culture, which was for me to experience, not change.
I would happily go back and visit all of them again

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Universal truths


Yeah we mine oils here they are the contributor for the poor air quality here. I’m from South East Asia, Philippines, my family and cousins has been in Middle East for work for several decades, I studied high school/College in Qatar.

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Awesome is it for work or tourism?

Yes, it’s strict here most Middle East Arab countries have Sharia Law.

Also same as other country with crimes here in Qatar but very few/rare etc. But I’ll share some worst stories and experiences here since it’s Halloween, I heard in high school Indians getting run over because of eating in Ramadan. Also Pakistanis rapist at night, you cannot walk alone at night especially if your a kid or you’ll get raped. I’ve also seen women getting touched here in public too. My girls classmates got touched, the school watched a football event. And gay Qataris touching me too back when I was a teenager because I was wearing a skinny jean. I also got a gay classmate back then who stole something in a store got deported too. You will also see in news about drug bust here for marijuana, cocaine, & meth, etc. it’s like watching a movie since they show the video of bust, etc. Also huge scammers here, a Filipino scammer got busted last year it’s on twitter I’ll find the link he got like 3 Lamborghinis, 4 Cadillac and race motorcycles several houses in Qatar and several thousands of currencies and multiple luxury bags and dozens of iPhones he smuggle I think it’s an “investment ring”, one of my high school classmates invest there that’s why she is riding 3 luxury cars etc. I also got “pig butchered” this year but I wasn’t really scammed because the bank denied my transaction but I reported the girl to Interpol, FBI, & Malaysia authorities and they said they handled it. There are men/women in dating sites changing their location to Qatar just to chat with you and scam you I got couple of experiences.

Overall it’s positive it’s like other country very open and most it’s population are migrants and foreigners only 300k Qataris compared to 3 million population, if you want to get rich go to Middle East they say, it’s true because of oil/mining and no taxes but if it got replaced by something better like nuclear energies or exotic like electromagnetic/statis or gravity that is better. Also there are prostitutes in Qatar too, mostly prestigious hotels have them, if your in dating site they will chat you, do you want sex and massage, kinda funny since you can get imprisoned/deported/lashed for being a prostitute in Qatar. Also, alcohols and pork you can buy in QDC if you got a membership or ID.

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What do you mean? I gather that you’re talking about energy sources.

Police states are never a good thing, Venezuela has one of the most controlling governments and their crime rate is insane. Eastern Europe is pretty safe with less controls.

Coming from Latin America, can I ask you to approach the cultural nonsense in South America as something that has several issues that need to be solved ASAP? Seriously, this part of the world as collectivist as it gets… Fusk this crab bucket…

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Yes, energy sources or weapons like railguns are electromagnetic and gravity bombs are using force of gravity.

Hello, I wondering how to implant some kind of brain replacement for higher level functions of ant?
I don’t want it to fully die, just be available to medical experiments, because I don’t want it to suffer more.

p.s. also, does any one knows why in stressfully conditions blood starts to clog up like a mad. I had multiple attempts at implanting, but blood is just makes all impossible?

blood warning

And usually it just flows by hours, even from small hole. I don’t understand why body resists to implanting so much.

Thank you for correction, I am new to all of this.

I think you should go to a medical doctor to get your wound attended to properly and safely, and give them all the details you provided above.

I think they would be in a better place to help you


I had, they have protocol for such cases, so only 1 stich because of risk of infection.
Gladly I can just uppatch better, and risk of dying is not such big deal for me.
By stomach blood started, so yay, my time is limited anyway.
blood warning