Microchiped or frequencies, mindreading, 24/7 followed or watched

Brother… are you okay.


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Honestly, you’re creating way too big of an opening for any implant on the market. If you don’t have an issue with platelets already, then that’s probably why you’re bleeding for a while.
I would recommend going to a professional for an install in the future. They’ll be able to help you with proper techniques. Maybe go to a doc to get the previous laceration checked out as infections can become quite severe if not checked and treated rapidly.

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So you went to the doctor, and they put in a stitch?

Did they ask you any questions about how it happened?
What did you tell them?

Is this the first time you have been to the doctor for a something like this?

What country are you in?

You people are probably being targeted by your local organized crime community. At some point they RFID chipped you and turned your body into a receiver for a signal. It’s called the audible microwave hearing effect, you can’t record this and this tech is old gen nefarious non public tech the general public Denys. The main reason you were and are targeted is because you did not know about this community that makes up the majority of the city or country you live in. They want allot of TI’s to join them. Also you don’t need to be chipped, they use signal amplifier to make it louder or more clear. It’s your neighbors they use parabolic microphones to listen to you in your apt and than use the v2k to make it seem like there listening to you. These people have to live above or beside you, there monitoring your schedule 24/7 and at the right time, they will get your landlords to give them key/fob to enter your suite and drug and implant the RFID chip. You’ll wake up 12 hours later and moat likely didn’t know what just happened. The RFID implants they use have a 10 year life span and can be damaged by electro magnetism. Everyone can here it, it’s not just in your head, that’s not how the tech works, this is who’s doing it and this is usually why. This community spans Canada and the United States. They are most likely using armature radio hobiests illegal radio towers to access the hidden v2k frequencies that they are sending to you as you are a receiver but I’m still understanding the tech I could be a bit off but it’s not rocket science it’s technology. They use blue tooth hacking software on there phones to hack your phone and they use network monitoring software to hack you computer. Don’t trust any of these people posting ads to help ti’s, there fake you can tell cause they don’t offer the one thing you need witch is an RFID hacker, the chip in you is password protected you need to have it hacked or removed from your body. For the ti’s who don’t have v2k, give it some time it’s there end goal for all ti’s. Lots of TI’s aren’t even aware they’ve been chipped, they have no idea, sometimes they’ll wait years before they even turn it on. The chip has a way of tracking you also. Good luck I’ve given you the truth you’d never figure out cause most ti’s are much like the gang stalkers, there not to smart.

Mine are quite disorganized, it’s so difficult to get an appointment and the customer service is very mediocre.

Thank god I’m on the top floor!

That’s what I always say!

OMG I’ve been chipped so many times!

Wait a second… Phones don’t have physical keyboards! You can’t write fast enough to hack on them!


I completely agree with the schizophrenia diagnosis.

I taught Muay Thai professionally for AGES. I had a female student that knew she had schizophrenia and she heard the voices most of her life if I recall correctly. I was known for pushing people in the ring beyond their limits and there were several times students broke down emotionally entirely in the ring. Sometimes just collapsing on me and sobbing uncontrollably and other times blacking out and becoming extremely violent. I always chalked these situations up to childhood trauma and did my best to work with the students to find a healthy release or seek help from a professional.

So this female I was training had one of the worst cases of schizophrenia I had witnessed. I could observe her conversing with the voices in her head and she would tell me they told her to “do bad things.” She obviously battled with the voices that were VERY REAL to her, she stated it was CONSTANT VOICES ALL THE TIME. One day we were doing rounds in the ring and I was pushing her especially hard. All of a sudden she just stops and looked like she just got news that a parent or her dog had died. The look on her face broke my heart. She was slowing crying and sniffling and her entire physical demeanor changed in an instant from poised and ready to box to completely defeated, confused, and very scared. I immediately tried to comfort her but she was inconsolable at that moment so I waited until we exited the ring to address it again. When she could finally express herself she was still VERY SAD. I asked her what had happened and what her experience was and she quietly replied “I feel SO LONELY AND ALONE RIGHT NOW. I don’t hear ANY of the voices right now and I’m scared. I’ve never had silence in my brain before but I already miss them.” Now that blew my mind. She had a RELATIONSHIP with these voices I could never understand. Through some follow up sessions she was able to silence the voices for up to a week at a time after an extremely strenuous ring session. She had become so used to hearing these voices that the prospect of NOT hearing them actually terrified her.

The reason I share this story is in the hope that some of those suffering may be able to relate to a piece of her story and realize that help doesn’t always come from psychiatric professionals.

If you truly think you’ve been chipped unwillingly then I suggest you take the time to learn how these RFID chips work exactly and then you will understand that what you’re describing just isn’t possible. Once you understand the technology, take that same investigative approach and investigate schizophrenia as much as possible while asking yourself how much you can relate to the definitions. If you can relate to any of it then it may be worth contacting a professional and having an evaluation done.

Wishing you all the best in your journey.


You have to deal with the world of actual machines, where the inverse square law exists: the intensity of a source of energy is inversely proportional to the square of the distance you are from it. If you want to send enough power to an implant that’s sitting on a bench next to you, you need a transmitter that’s the size of a giant laptop. Anything close to a bigger scale (e.g. a satellite) would need a power source so impossibly strong that it wouldn’t be possible (or would fry anything with the ill fortune to have a coil of wire inside of it, goodbye all phones and cars and pacemakers). And that’s just one way. If you wanted to transmit back to the satellite to do any “useful” communicating, good luck, you have the same problem but in reverse, but now you’re doing it from some tiny chip in a hand? And you still have to power a chip that’s doing relatively powerful cryptographic computations. You can’t not power it this way either, if you’re not giving it power this way you have to find some way to hide a battery inside someone, stuff known for being a bit annoying and with a risk of exploding at the best of times, that still needs charging.

And also, this is all in the air, and none of the people who nerd out over radio would ever have to notice that there’s a bunch of encrypted broadcasting going on all of a sudden. And also it’d have to never have any faults in the cryptography ever because you can’t replace something stuck inside of a person (easily).

That’s not a theory, that’s just pretending james bond tech is real.

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@karendoesthings is right about the tech feasibility. We’re barely able to send music to an earbud at a few meters nowdays, let alone from a satellite to a grain of rice that somehow never needs chatging.
The closet thing to what you describe are small gps trackers which are a few centimeters in size and do require a rechargeable power source.
I guess something like an airtag has a dicent lifetime but then the range is bad.

What we tend to ignore here is , what’s the point?
Say you have a tiny implant, and it receives data wirelessly.You have essentially a long range nfc tag in presumably a glass capsule or some other coating and it sits there.
I don’t see any meaningful interaction it could have with the body. It can’t really have any electrical interaction with the nervous system since it’s coated and even if it could it’s lacking the power to do so.
It can’t release any significant amount of medecine since it’s so small.
It absolutely can’t have any meaningful interaction with the brain because it’s presumably not in the brain. Even something that is placed on the brain like neuralink needs a complicated procedure and is far from being able to do sci-fi mind control magic.

So what does a little bit of metal and silicone in your body do that requires satellite comunication?
And if it does anything whay are we not doing it already with our nfc implants?

The tech side is far fetched but… Eh, maybe? Why not? Cool stuff is being developed every day.
But the medical side we definitely have a grasp on.
I think people are very confused about “waves” and “minds” and don’t realize it’s just a bunch of light and flesh the we do understand as a species :crossed_fingers:

[Edit] It’s all a testament as to how badly the electromagnetic spectrum and biology are taugh in schools :disappointed_relieved:

Ok so yea it’s real NO I am not mental, No I do not have meth psychosis. Ever heard of synthetic telepathy? Mind control sex?
Why me? No it’s not the government, the CIA ,an ex of mine was, still is having an affair with a roleplaying cam whore,. All they need is your exact location, your phone number and a program similar to ummm nwo tortureware. Make a profile of you (like a Facebook profile) someone owns your profile. That person then does what they want let people have access to you, to torture you, virtually live out their fantasys on you rapist, pedophiles, cheaters. Then claim it don’t count cuz it don’t really happen and live stream all the entertainment to whatever “channel or room”
I suffer from 24/7 auditory harassment, visuals, dream, smell manipulation, raising body temperature, blocking orgasms… I haven’t had sex alone in 6years, they tried to put me in jail for shit ii didnt do, made fake videos, audio recordings, made up horrible rumors about me, killed my dog, targetted for definete 100percent my 28year old daughter and her children which are 6,7,8 one girlfriend they have tortured a long time friend who is dead now at age 37, 2 men i was in a relationship with. The 1st is her slave, enabler, deliverer whatever. Brainwashing see them in the phone, computer like a pic behind a pic or anywhere there could be a reflection. When your sleeping being the worst.

This dangerous things forum thread is like 6 years old, you can actually see the gang stalkers slowly enter the thread as the years go by with there non sense and missinformation to the point they take the thread over but there are allot of TI’s. Ti’s all have the same stories, we did or said or did t do or say something that pissed some one off and became targeted and it’s usually from filing complaints against criminals with the police. Gang stalking is a criminal tactic used by gangs and organised crime. Missinformation from ignorance to cover up the truth is everywhere. The amount of people and information regarding gang stalking, targeted individuals and v2k on the internet is massive but irl not one person will admit to it’s existence.
It’s really simple in Canada and states and Europe the organised crime community’s drug some times rape and implant targets with a small RFID like chip and it tracks them and it makes them here voices. The voices are actually real lol, some ti’s don’t even realise that almost everyone around them can here it, they think there the only ones lol. It’s called the microwave audible hearing effect it was discovered a long time ago and fully documented. The leaders of this world don’t like it when tech gets out like this so it’s covered up but here’s the thing, it’s physical these are technological devices. People don’t understand what this tech is or how it works or who uses it and why but it’s all over the internet. Infact our human history is smeared with it if you look hard enough you’ll find so much evidence and information because it’s real. If you haven’t figured it out by now the people who do this are basically on the side of evil.

Yes they are

Real in your head!
It has nothing to do with chips or stalking gangs.
Go talk to a doctor.

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Obviously a troll, spreading missinformation, you shouldn’t be posting on this thread as it’s not for you


It’s been 6 for me…

If remote neural monitoring were real, medical science would be making huge advances. Scientists would be falling over themselves to use it to solve some of neural medicine’s thorniest problems. Nobel prizes would be flying off the shelves and, most significantly, Big Business would be in it up to their eyeballs because the profits would be immense. Think of the extraordinary and obscenely profitable advances that would be made in communication technology and military applications alone.

Claiming that it would be kept secret so that they could listen in on random people for no financial gain, places it firmly in conspiracy theory territory.


I removed the post and then blocked the poster because I don’t want this thread to have any people posting links for the mentally ill that will try to point them in the direction of confirming their delusions.

The links that were posted are links to actual technological developments but the person that posted them was too ignorant of the science to understand the difference between prototype monitoring equipment for medical purposes and some kind of global conspiracy to annoy random members of the public for no good reason.

Gangstalking and targeted individual theories are a shared delusion, concocted together and cross supported by mutual sufferers of various types of mental disability including paranoid schizophrenia. They will often look to confirm their delusion by finding anything they feel supports their conclusions. Invariably these links are either fantastical stories or pages that detail real current technologies, but their complete lack of understanding or ability to assess the scientific merit, or comprehend the practical application of such primary research leads them to easily misconstrue or misappropriate the technology as the cause of their suffering.

I will not allow this forum to contribute to furthering their shared delusion by allowing individuals to post links supporting and affirming to other sufferers that their invalid conclusions are correct.


That’s the best post of the year for me.
This can be a very difficult subject and requires careful handling but time after time you get the balance right. The knock-on effect of your leadership on this issue is that I often see regular members of this forum chip in on this topic and for the most part they get the balance right too. People whose posts get put here are listened to but not pandered to, exposed to the facts and flaws are pointed out in the nonsense they’ve been exposed to elsewhere.
Sometimes I have doubts as to whether it ever changes anyone’s mind but at least they get shown the way and if they ever reach a moment in which they are open to change they might remember that.:crossed_fingers:


You can nominate it…

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know a little about microchip implants (RFID). Also, what to do when a trespass has been done by way of many (RFID implant without consent).