Microchiped or frequencies, mindreading, 24/7 followed or watched

Get an X-ray in nthebarea you think the implant is and talk to your radiologist about it, if it’s actually there they will help you get it out, and if it isn’t there which is the most likely thing, they can refer you to services to get the help you need

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Lol you guys you dont actually think that just tons of people are having the same shared delusion about being chipped against there will do you ? Buddy’s open your eyes and read what these people write and how they say it. The people talking about getting chipped all can feel the chip inside them and see the scar marking from needle insertion and feel the bump they all say they were drugged. People don’t believe this is happening, buddy now aliens we can debate about, we could hang out I could drug and chip you it’s that easy.

You know what I find humourous is how everyone says you can’t track someone useing a chip but we’re all being tracked lol. I never knew the microwave audible hearing signal effect was real Infact if you told me I’d say bull shit but I experience it all day everyday.

Btw men just don’t get skitsofrenic at my age, me and my family have no history of mental illness or substance abuse.

What we want to know is if there’s a method to disable a chip, like can you emp it or static shock it or what ? There’s gotta be a way to disable a implant ? The amount of SEO this site has done for Google on keywords like RFID chip implant is huge, as long this forum topic remains active you will always have desperate people who were chipped against there will flowing here and seeking help always. This forum thread is like 6 years long it wont end unless a solution is created to getting surgery, than this whole forum topic will end. If you packaged the solution as a buyable product you’d have a thousand sales for it this week.

Allot of people are having to get surgery in bad spots, if there’s a way around that, people need to know. Also allot of people are being prevented from getting surgery cause people want these chips to stay in.

Btw things like gang stalking and targeted individuals are real, just the concept and idea of it is simply feassble. Now just because people are to dumb to understand a simple concept or there being ignorant and lieing doesn’t mean it’s not real, it’s a extravagant targetting strategy that’s been used by groups of humans throughout history, people used to do it without technology back in the day, that’s it it’s not rocket science. Buddy it’s low level crime shit even the dumbest junkie on the block knows about it.

Welcome, and thanks for coming by and commenting so clearly. Nobody here should be antagonistic towards people who think they’ve been implanted against their will, we just want to make sure you seek help if you need it. Life’s tough, and most people can’t and shouldn’t do it alone. Any ideology that destroys your trust in others is not a healthy one.

It’s not a shared delusion like some psychic event. It’s a recurring conclusion that people in these circumstances come too because of movies and TV, the reinforcement caused by the echo chamber created in communities about gang stalking, and the efforts of people who want to sell you “a cure”. Which brings me to:

There’s no “cure”, even if the implants were real. We’ve already stress tested against EMP and shocking

Any one who offers to sell you a cure is trying to profit off of your position of vulnerability (confused and self isolating) which is unscrupulous and fucked up. Nobody here wants to do that. We just want to provide simple RFID implants to people who want to voluntarily get them installed. It has nothing to do with the sci-fi stuff people in this thread are talking about, because the technology is just not there yet.

In fact they do. I have two friends with schizophrenia. One developed symptoms at 17, and his family had little to no history of it. Another friend is 31 now, and is beginning to show symptoms, which is a pretty standard progression, and his father had it. You should look up more about it, it may help. Even if you don’t have it, learning about it may help you spot others in the gang stalking community who definitely do.


You know what isn’t helpful to someone who’s having paranoid irrational delusions? Telling them they’re crazy. Taking a softer approach and telling them how to access services like xrays as if it were a real chip still lands them in front of a doctor who would be able to identify that this person needs help when they’re told they have a microchip tracking them


Wow your a stellar guy for posting this huge writeup and commenting on a few parts of what Ive wrote so respectfully and intelligently even if you do not believe. All the information regarding stress testing was very informative. You are very correct about there may not be a “cure” "solution. I’ve contacted a dozen hackers that say they have exp with RFID, it’s I don’t trust or believe any of them. I’m in my 40’s buddy there’s no way I’m skitsofrenic insane paranoid substance abuse trama guy lol, I’m healthy of mind and body.

I can simply feel the RFID chip inside my body, I can pinch it and it will slightly rotate in me and I can feel a pointy end, it must be in a silicone case I did not know I had been chipped for what I think was a year and a half or more man. I thought it was some kind of really strong pimple lol. The neighbour who I think put the chip in me even pointed to it and said how painful it would be to get stabbed or cut there whilst in some random convo one day.

Me and the other zillion people who are going through this, buddy, we no not care at all about convincing almost anyone of this, we don’t talk to the cops or get into arguments online. We don’t care about teaching people about this crime, we care about only one thing and it’s a solution.

I was gang stalked for years cause I filed a complaint with the police on what apparently turned out to be a gang lol. This gang was in a organised crime city and they told all the other gangs in the city. They all buy, sell and or use drugs. They chip people, the people have no idea there chipped, some figure it out. The chip turns your body into a reciever for the microwave audible hearing frequency, this is a voice or sound that comes right out of thin air and almost everyone can hear it. In Canada you can be detained under the mental health act, the cops are aware not all but most of this so no one in the city will admit to it they dont want it to happen to them. The old people all know about this cause it was done to them back in the 60’s. I know your gonna say there was no RFID chips back than, they used some kind of signal reciever. If you go google you’ll find news reports on it happening to a whole area of thousands of people and tons of people actually admitted to hearing sound and voices out of thin air.

In humans history regarding technology we have always pegged technology as witch Craft or magic or lies untill it comes into a point where the technology is accepted by society even if it’s not understood. The same with this v2k microwave audible hearing frequency shit except
a part of society doesn’t want this technology publicized to the masses.

Thanks. It’s no problem, I have been talking with people about this and similar issues for a couple years now. Shutting people down doesn’t get us anywhere. To be honest, I “believe” literally anything when I’m presented with evidence of it’s validity. That’s the nature of being a scientist.

Have you been able to get any medical imaging like an x-ray done? The technology to send and receive signals absolutely requires metals, because of the nature of physics. Metals have valence electrons that can be coaxed into the conduction band by incident radiation (signals). Metals show up very clearly on an x-ray. Here are some examples.


No I have not been able to get an x-ray done yet as I’m thinking of what to say to the doctor so I don’t come across crazy and I can actually get an x-ray done. Am I supposed to just go to a hospital and ask to talk to a surgeon or ? If it’s in a silicone case does it still show up in an x-ray ? Another type of solution would be a signal blocker but who knows what frequency or signal the microwave audible hearing frequency is on ?

If it were me I would schedule an appointment with my primary care doctor and say I was experiencing discomfort in that specific spot and felt something there. You might have gotten something lodged under there from an injury while you were drunk or something. See if they’ll checked it out and ask if maybe you could get some imaging done. They’ll probably palpate the area, and then schedule you for an x-ray or CAT scan.

Yes, silicone will have no effect on an x-ray or CAT scan. It’s all about the density of the material. Silicone is very soft and not very dense. It doesn’t (usually) contain any metal.

A Faraday cage would block or at least completely degrade the signal integrity of any electric field traveling to someone’s body. I wouldn’t bother with that though, it’s difficult to do properly. An interferometer would interfere with any signals in its target frequency range. Some frequency ranges are protected by the FCC, and there may be legal consequences by interfering above a certain transmission power. Luckily many microwave frequencies fall in the ISM band, which is used by many consumer products and is less protected.

“Microwaves” cover a huge range though, from 300MHz to 300GHz. It would help if you had more information about the technology. Signals being transmitted to and from your body should be easily detectable. I would worry about locating the physical implant and getting it removed, then we can examine the technology and help others.


Wow that’s amazing information thx, what about neodymium magnets, I’ve heard allot about people recommending them for RFID chips ?

So many people on the internet say this is the device or system being used but I don’t really understand it but I noticed just how
any people posted this same image.
What do you think of this ?
Also I was visiting and I flew from one Canadian west coast province to the one beside it and the signal cut out and stopped whilst we over the middle of the ocean for 5 minutes besides that I’ve never noticed it cut out, also one place I was living the power went out and the voice cut out half way through a word lol and the voice went almost silent, so what are the people above me useing a signal amplifier thing right, I believe the people who were living above me were the handlers for the tech. When the person above is sleeping or it’s super late at night they turn down the volume of the voice and when I’m sleeping the person turns it way down, if a person can’t sleep they’ll go nuts and they know this. I’ve read a hundred long detailed stories of people targeted with this tech they almost all said they thought the person above them Wasa handler for the tech, the person who lives above me is in his mid 20’s and looks like a drug addict the person never leaves the apt and basically stays inside 24hrs a day, no one lives like that I think they get hard core 24/7 type addicts to handle the tech. I think they may be useing high powered microphones to listen to what’s going on in my apt from there’s, is there way to block there audio listening recording device even though your not in the same room with them ?

Well that’s not anywhere near “microwave” so I think people are just using buzzwords because they don’t understand the technology. This graph shows a carrier wave operating at 15 kilohertz, which is 15 thousand waves per second. Microwave signals don’t even start until 300Megahertz, which is 300 million waves per second. Human hearing only extends from about 20Hz-20kHz.

If this is their proposed mechanism, you should be safe by putting on shooting muffs for ear protection. No 15kHz carrier wave is going to be able to penetrate ear protection from a distance, especially if it’s intensity drops of at the inverse square of the distance from the source (1/r²). A microphone should also be able to clearly hear the sound. Try the Spectroid app.

Unless someone was right next to you in the cabin, sound and electric fields won’t penetrate the metal shell of the plane at that height. Rather than connecting all the dots, accept that some may be unrelated phenomenon. It sounds in this case like you might have an unrelated hearing problem like tinnitus that was temporarily drowned out by movements in your inner ear caused by the pressure differential when going up in a plane.

Stick with what you can measure, and for now don’t worry about the subjective stuff that we’ll sort out later. It’s tough to tell what’s valuable information and what’s noise when you’re in the discovery phase of a problem. The first and most concrete thing we can do is get some imaging or better yet get the thing removed so we can examine it. I can tell a lot about tech even just by looking at it. I’ve reverse engineered people’s products with a glance.


You don’t even need to involve your doctor. Most radiology places allow you to go in and pay out of pocket for X-rays wherever you want. Imagining of two views of one area ran me 50$ out of pocket, lasted fifteen minutes and I got them same day just walking in and asking.

They didn’t ask questions as to why until after the X-ray and saw the implants I put into my hand myself asking what it was and what I could do with them.


Not that long ago I went to the dermatologist to get a lump checked out, it was a cyst and the removal was incredibly easy.

Get it checked out by a doctor. Not as a “chip”, just as a lump under your skin.


That’s good idea to man thx.

Btw it’s not a lump I imagine any one else out there in the world who has an RFID implant like you guys do for business / hobby is the exact same thing as me I don’t have a lump lol it’s a bump but when I run my finger over it you can feel a the shape of an RFID chip it’s smaller than you’d think, this thing feels like an 8mm rectangle by persay 2 mm thick. Warts, moles, pimples, acne these things aren’t an RFID chip implanted through my personal observation yet I wouldn’t know unless I knowingly got implanted with a chip but you guys got chips so I think you probably agree with me.

Ow this is very helpful man thankyou

I actually think it is unique information pertaining to what tech it is. Yes the microwave audible hearing frequency can definitely penetrate the metal of a plane at that hight, how ? I’m not aware of how the tech works I just know the voices stopped for 5 min from what I can remember while we were I’ve over ocean and uninhabited island mid way into the trip. You should have seen this lady get up and bolt as soon as the plane landed, it must of scared the shit out of her. Not everyone knows this tech exists. Yes I do agree with you about sticking to the tech more so than the social dynamics but ibelieve the cutting out of sound may be particular to a certain tech or give further indication to what it might be.

No I can’t record the sound no one that Ive ever heard about has been able to do it and I’ve read hundreds of ti stories, it’s all the same of course we try to record it cause than we could simply make YouTube video about it or give it to landlords or cops lol. I don’t know how to record this but I’d definitely like to get my ears checked cause apart of the voices is a clicking sound like from what I’ve read tinnitus effect is. It’s almost like you can physically feel the clicking sound in you ear. I’ve read hundreds of people say that your cholera part of the ear gets worn down and enables you to hear out side of regular human hearing.

Okay, fair enough.

Yeah that seems like a good call. If you did any shooting or worked near machinery in your life you might be experiencing a bit of hearing loss which is just an unrelated thing. It’s really common, worth getting checked out.

It definitely sounds like a lot of people who are concerned and don’t understand what’s going on. There’s a lot of unknowns here, so we mine as well focus on something we can actually investigate, rather than abstract concepts and conjecture. If you feel a bump where the implant is, you can use some of the advice people have shared to go get an x-ray of it. That will give you something to work with.

This was the exact problem I’ve been having,do you think there’s a way I could take control of myself from such things?




For more clue and explanation please reach out to me.