Microchiped or frequencies, mindreading, 24/7 followed or watched

You sound like a complete nonsense gangstalker useing misinformation and misdirection. You have no need to be in this forum.

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Yes I understand a radiologist for x-ray, will do.

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In the 3 seperate PM’s you sent me, I have already answered your questions.

There is no need to create a new thread asking the same question looking for a different answer, or maybe specifically the answer you want to hear.

Stay in your lane, keep all your posts IN THIS THREAD until you have something relevant to say.


Here is the answer AGAIN

TagInfo is also in the apple app store

The NFC antenna is near the camera lens’

This one is an alternative, but not as accurate


No matter how good at innovation you are, You’re not being monitored, well not by any implant chips, imaginary or otherwise.
It is simply not possible,

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Also, it it has come to my attention that you have been private messaging other community members.

First and ONLY warning, any more PMs, or any more posts out of this thread, you will be gone burger.

You are not going to find what you are looking for in this forum with the exception of this thread feeding your delusion.



Firewall algorithm for the friendly AI is pretty legit


I assume the chip is undetectable to readers and or password locked. I don’t know RFID technology. Can you make a implanted chip undetectable to one of these RFID NFC readers and or password locked if so how to get around it ? Don’t you think if allot of people could figure this part out they wouldn’t need to get surgery. Like is there a way to scan and access a chip and wipe it and lock it so it’s no accessable, or do I just have no idea how this technology works ?

This. There is no “chip” that is going to be doing anything like 1) tracking, 2) neural interface to allow for “mind control”, “voices”, “sense of dread”, etc. Those sensations are coming from faulty neural activity in your own brain.

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None of that has anything to do with the question I asked regarding scanning and accessing RFID chips.

O and believe me the RFID chip that was implanted in me turns my body into a reciever for the microwave audible hearing frequency. As many many people have also gone through the same thing, were not trying to debate it allot of people know this exists as an audible harrassment tool to drive mental instability infront of the general public witch are mainly aware of this tech.

I have no idea what a mental interface device for mind control is it sounds like nonsense, what I’m talking about is a very specific type of well documented technology that seems to be used nersfriously on tons of people.

it’s not though… it’s not “well documented”, it’s just a perfect storm of the following elements;

  1. a bunch of scared people with the exact symptoms of schizophrenia who refuse to believe they have schizophrenia, and who’s symptoms actually make them paranoid to the point of actively avoiding proper treatment and instead chase after these digital wild geese type explanations that have no resolution because it’s fantasy.

  2. a bunch of horrific people making up hoaxes or supporting nonsensical accusations that “an rfid chip is making me hear things” in order to sow chaos for no reason, or worse to take some sort of advantage of people for financial or some other sick perverted pleasure.

In all likelihood you have developed schizophrenia, and your life will continue to deteriorate unless you go to a proper neurologist, get a diagnosis, and get treatment. That’s just the truth of it.

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Occam’s razor. Is more likely it’s a mystery technology that no one understands and is being used against people for reasons that no one knows, or is it another issue that has a sensible explanation.

If you can’t discount the more likely option, then it remains more likely. The people here have talked to as many gang stalking victims as you have, but still have come to a different conclusion than you. The reasoning is sounds, so it either needs to be refuted with sound logic, or it remains a valid and likely option

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Well the sheer amount of people online saying the same thing I have, many and many have seemed treatment and medication has had no effect on any of them cause there not crazy lol.

I was gang stalked for years before I became aware of what they call v2k it’s really the microwave audible hearing frequency, they literally flipped a switch and turned it on, I was implanted with a chip for 1-2 years prior to them turning on the voices. The strategy of gang stalking is used by organised crime drug gang network across the states and Canada, these people are old school and have been useing this strategy on there target individuals for many reasons. There a cult following behind it. People don’t talk about because they don’t want it to happen to them. Lots of people are unaware of this because it’s well hidden from allot of people’s knowledge. I’m no scientist but I just look at the sheer amount of evidence and people’s testimonies and targetting stories from across the world, the amount of information there is about this is all over the internet. You’d probably get less search results from googleing “hot girl”. This isn’t a mass skitsofrenic delusion, these things happen to people than they come to the internet to find information about what it is not the other way around. This is when people realise they’ve been put through a type of program there targeted, they have all had the same real life incidents and encounters and violence and bullying, cyber attacks, electronic weapons physical symptoms, so on, People aren’t reading all this on the net and tv and news and than absorbing it all and creating a skitsofrenic mass shared delusion afterwords.

Those are people suffering from various types and forms of schizophrenia

Many people don’t get proper treatment. Schizophrenia is a brain disorder and medication is not a one size fits all solution. Many times medications that can be effective at first will become less effective over time and new dosages need to be prescribed or entirely new regimens need to be tried.

No, they are not crazy, they are suffering from schizophrenia.


This is called paranoid schizophrenia and it begins this way… an uneasy feeling, feelings of being stalked, tracked, feeling like your friends turn against you, etc.

The next stage of schizophrenia develops into voices and other hallucinatory elements etc. Left untreated, it will only get worse.

this is complete nonsense. there may technically be some experiments that have been done to create this as a possibility, like ultrasonic sound guidance technology etc… stuff that is used on boats for example;


However, the idea that “there is a gang of people” who are organized and funded… to chase around random no value people for no clear reason… it’s what happens when a lot of people with paranoid schizophrenia get together online and promote each other’s paranoia.

Owwwww there’s a clear reason lol, read a 1000 targeted individuals gang stalking stories you’ll see hundreds of people who all filled real police reports regarding drug dealers or criminals or against the police. No coincidences in any of this it’s all factual, evidence, physical, understandable. This is what people don’t understand is the social part of it is deeply criminal, unless your involved in criminal circles the average civilian would never believe any of it. In cities where all the gangs are networked under the umbrella of one ruleing gang like here in Canada and most of the states if you file complaints or it can actually be allot of different stuff but the complaints part is key you might just get targeted by all the gangs, this is called gang stalking and very rare people talk about it or admits to it. What the stalkers all have in common is they all buy or sell or use drugs or all 3.

Ohhhhhh that’s not a reason. Criminals don’t dick around and annoy people with expensive super secret technology… they directly threaten and kill people. I bet you 10 to 1 most of those police filings and reports are actually the results of paranoia and not actually criminal activity.

You are all suffering from delusions brought on by your brain disease. The sad part is you can’t wake up from this bad dream and therefore you will never seek proper help, because to all of you this bizarre paranoid fanciful story fits so well with what your brains are telling you… to you, this is more real and more likely than the boring truth - you just have schizophrenia.


Has anyone ever recovered such devices?
If this is so prevalent there has to be manufacturing facilities and a market for it.