Microchiped or frequencies, mindreading, 24/7 followed or watched

Good afternoon, I do not intend to offend or insult. I would like to have a discussion for clarification on items you posted.

The best evidence is physical evidence. Something tangible and that can be shown to do what is claimed. Has there ever been a functioning chip recovered from a TI?

The scientific consensus is there are certain materials, most commonly metal, that are required to send or receive a radio signal. These materials are all able to be readily detected by modern medical imaging equipment.

In terms of evidence, people are generally considered the least reliable. A witness may see or hear something with their eyes and ears, but their brain has to make sense of what they are seeing and hearing.

In day to day direct communication there are all kind of misunderstandings. These are for people who are purposefully communicating with each other.

To that extent how much more may an unintentional act of one person be misinterpreted by a complete stranger.

As with anything, just because it is written down in many places does not give it a higher evidentiary weight. There are many fictional stories written in many books, but they are just that fiction.

I am not here to discredit your feelings or experiences.

I believe you have felt targeted. I believe you feel like you have been chipped against your will.

The issue is the human brain relies on chemical interactions to function. Low blood sugar can cause confusion, make it hard to concentrate, and make some people very irritable. (Think of snickers, “you’re not you when you’re hungry”) And this is just one “chemical” of the many that are required to keep your brain happy and healthy.

Again I’m not here to say your feelings or experiences are invalid, but they may not be factually true.


I have schizophrenia too but at least I’m cool about it :nail_care:


How did you get through the gauntlet between onset to treatment? It seems a ton of people get derailed and as things progress, the prospect of getting proper help diminishes to the point of no return.


I had very supportive and aware parents,
On top of somehow being able to hold on to my grasp of reality despite everything that was happening.
I’m also insanely inquisitive about everything and my interest of the disorder kept me focused


Would you be open to doing a recorded interview about it?


I’ll definitely have a think on it. I know you would find the insight useful with how many lost souls find this forum. I sincerely hope they find the help they need.

Getting my own implants and understanding what they can or can’t do was actually a big help tbh


I would definitely appreciate it if you agreed to. Let me know.


Wow! How wonderful to find a positive and enlightened story on this thread which is often a depressing and frustrating read. Congratulations to you and your parents, who sound awesome.

Getting my own implants and understanding what they can or can’t do was actually a big help tbh

That’s fascinating in itself.


Sadly I think getting help at a pivotal time is a privilege many don’t have.


Lots of people have had chips removed it’s all over the internet. Gang stalking is just a criminal strategy. No amount of your people’s opinions han combat common sense. It’s funny how everyone just falls back on saying ow ow your crazy lol, as if they couldn’t think of a better defense. Note all these people commenting are specifically trying to not believe this on purpose. They keep talking about being crazy to shine lite away from the fact that no one cares if you think there crazy were all interested in the technology not people’s opinions.

How to scan for these chips and how to reprogram them so they don’t work or removal.

No t.i’s are interested in your opinions involving mental health at all were interested in information pertaining to the technology.

If you want a recorded interview about it go look on the internet and you will find thousands upon thousands of them if you look.

As far as trying to get me to do one well lol I’m no dumb ass it’s common sense it’s comes across your just trying to discredit me lol newb gang stalking targetting strategy and it’s played out.

The problem you have with your “argument” is that you are just making statements, and there are no actual facts, proof or evidence provided, even an interview of somebody is not a fact, it is merely an opinion.


It’s funny how people think there doctors lol there all like I’m so smart you have skitsofrenic! Lol.

None of you have any idea what targeted individuals are or gang stalking lol it’s huge it’s been on talk shows, public news, tons of police reports, yes lots of people have had these chips and other devices removed lol, it’s not a fairy tale it’s reality some people don’t have the brains or the stomach for it. They have to convince them selfs and third around them it’s a illusion.

You don’t have to be a genius to understand this look at all the dumbasses that were targeted and chipped they figured it out lol.

If it looks like a piece of pizza, smells like a piece of pizza and tastes like a piece of pizza, feels like a piece of pizza it’s probably not skitsofrenia it’s probably a piece of :pizza: you ordered.

Show us the Pizza


The onus is on you to prove it…

One cannot prove something that doesn’t exist, but one can prove what does


Lol how many times do I have to repeat this, no one’s cares about trying to prove it to people lol. They are only concerned about factual evidence and the factual evidence is there are many many many people who were drugged and implanted than filled police complaints and went to surgeons to have the chips removed, they were taken out and the victims documented the whole thing and uploaded to the internet.

Be cautious of the people who order pizza but say it’s a pair of shoes or an elephant or a telescope when the pizza delivery man shows up at the door so they can get a free pizza.

I ask myself the same question.

Be cautious of the people who are convinced that they have ordered pizza with a side of chips.
But in the real world, the Pizza joint doesn’t even sell chips…

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Nonsense your trying to say chipping people doesn’t exist whilst in a RFID chip websites forums in witch everyone’s talking about buying getting chips.

On any internet forum you’ll find the vast majority of comments from people regarding all this has nothing to do with intelligence or information or research or evidence or facts or technology. It will all be ignorant bias misinformation trolls who are trying to shine the light away from the truth.

No one has said RFID chips do not exist. We are saying, “if you believe you were chipped against your will, you need evidence to prove that.” All you have done is ignore fact, put words in other peoples mouth, and type the same opinions on repeat.

Below is video evidence that I have an RFID chip in my left hand. I believe anyone on this forum that sees this video would agree with this “evidence”. If you do not want to make an effort beyond saying, “it’s out there go look” then no one will take you seriously.


We’ve heard your claims. If they are true we will add the information to our knowledge base. We just need evidence but so far you have not provided it.
1 genuine image of a chip with the capabilities you claim, removed from an unwilling implantee will suffice. If this is happening as often as you claim it would be really easy to provide this.
Otherwise you are wasting your time and ours with unfounded circular arguments.
It’s time to put up or shut up.