Microchiped or frequencies, mindreading, 24/7 followed or watched

You guys seem to have a hard time understanding no one is trying to prove anything to you nor seek your acceptance, these people are seeking information on technology for example what device can destroy / disable an implanted chip ?

you can’t detect or destroy something that doesn’t exist. this is what you can’t seem to understand yourself.


You don’t seem to be understanding the question. If someone implants them self with a RFID chip in persay the hand or arm what device could you use to destroy / disable that implanted chip. The question is about technology not your perception of delusion and your personal feelings and thoughts and opinions.

Also it’s not my job to convince anyone of anything, it’s up to the individual to do the research and find the information as it’s out there on the internet and can be found through search engines. I’ve personally read dozens of people’s stories regarding being drugged and chipped, these people got x-rays, they filed complaints with the police, had surgery to get the chips removed and show the chips after removal and surgery scars and x-ray pics online.

The ignorance that stems from saying these people are all delusional and making it up is absurd when one simply spends time researching the topic and find tons of people, stories, pics, surgery’s, police reports.

i can provide all sorts of answers but nothing i could say would actually solve your problems. the power of the Internet to connect and focus your shared delusion is truly a thing of awe.

sadly, you’ll forever be chasing a solution to the wrong problem.


It’s about USD$250
I couldn’t ethically tell you the answer, because it is not something you need, If I was to link it, It would suggest I agree with your delusion.

You and other people like you are vunerable / gullible and I would prefer to protect you, even if that is from yourself.

The question is more about the USE and CAPABILITY of the technology.

The only way I see this going is, you being taken advantage of, or you taking advantage of other vunerable people.

  • Don’t let the following feed into your delusion;

I have also heard of people being unwillingly implanted by Human traffickers

They have apparently implanted their victims before (or at least told them as such) and told them, they can be tracked.
But they are playing on the gulibility and both misinformation and disinformation that is prevalent online, to which you are likely a frequent patron of, supporter to and / or ambassador of.
Hollywood also plays a role, but fictional capabilities are FAR from reality.

(Heres an example) Something that appears to be reliable, But is unfortunately, factually innacurate.

This mentions “GPS tracker chips”, then goes on to say “used to locate lost pets.”
Wildly inaccurate/ misleading.

If it uses GPS it uses batteries, If it uses batteries, its not a pet chip.

The example of locating lost Pets, sigh again, Wildly inaccurate/ misleading.
The pet implant chips IDENTIFY THE PET, NOT LOCATE THEM.
A lost pet would end up at a vet or animal shelter, the vet or whomever, would use their scanner (within millimeters of the pets chip) to read the ID.
They would then Input that into a database, and contact the pet owner to inform them where their pet is.
So if you consider tracking as, finding something and knowing where it is because it is millimeters away from you, then you have other problems


THIS :point_up: is completely differnt from paranoid schizophrenics believing they have been unknowingly implanted by the government.

I’m not sure what camp you fall into, but I can have a guess.

I have an idea for you
Rather than you perpetuating this misinformation, You would be better off using your abundant energy and motivation to learn about the technology, the capabilities and the failings of a very simple RFID implant.
These people CANNOT be remotely tracked
They CANNOT hear voices.
They CANNOT be controlled by them.

The implants are effectively the same as a pet implant.
You cant track a pet.
telepathically communicate with a pet
or control a pet with any sort of implant.

The implants are inert until powered by a reader, that reader needs to be within millimeters of the implant.

There is no point trying to “neutralize” an implant with a $250 tool, the effect would be the same as using a pottle of yoghurt.

Pointless and unnecessary, but just less delicious

If you ACTUALLY want to learn what these implants can and can’t ACTUALLY do, I will happily help you learn (I’m sure others will also)

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When you make claims that directly contradict science, that is exactly your job!


If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard this one…


And just to make one thing absolutely clear (because I think there’s a danger that you will deliberately misunderstand something stated above) there is no machine that can neutralise a chip that does not and cannot exist.


Stacey Samsa
My name is Stacey Nicole, and I have been violated in the most unimaginable way. Behind my right ear, a microchip was implanted without my consent. The person responsible for this heinous crime is Paul L Golzbein, a 33-degree Freemason/Shriner and a well-known member of the Old Orchard Beach Maine community.

Golzbein’s family has held influence in our community for generations due to their legacy with The Pier - a seasonal attraction that has drawn crowds for centuries. However, beneath this façade of respectability lies an appalling truth; deception and violation of human rights.

The act committed against me is not just an invasion of privacy but also an infringement on basic human rights as outlined by the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Article 12). This crime cannot be ignored or swept under the rug because it involves influential figures.

This petition calls upon local law enforcement agencies and human rights organizations to launch an investigation into these allegations against Paul L Golzbein. We must ensure justice is served not only for myself but also for any other potential victims who might have suffered similar violations.

I urge you all to stand with me in this fight against such inhumane acts. Your signature can help bring about change and prevent further atrocities from happening within our community. Please sign this petition today!

If you have the chip removed and send it to us for analysis we will all sign your petition.


I think the only legitimate way someone would be microchipped against their will unknowingly is if my wife chipped herself during one personality episode, and one of her others took over and found out.

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